John Waterhouse   (Guitars)


Welcome to the real world (1994)
[All guitars, bass and percussion]

Blow-out (1992)
[Lead guitar]

Hold on to the dream (1991)
[Lead guitar]

One helluva night (Live 2-CD 1990)

Taking the world by storm (1988)

Breakout (1987)

British standard approved (1985)
[Additional guitars]

Heart of our time (1985)

Other recordings:

Time Has Come - The Best Of Demon (2-CD 2006)
[Guitars (Tracks 13-22, 27)]

The best of Demon Volume one (1999)
[Lead guitar (tracks 9-15)]

Anthology (1991)
[Guitars (tracks 10-17)]

Tonight (The hero is back) (2-Single 1988)

Sampler EP (EP 1986)
[Guitars (tracks 1,3,5)]

Wonderland (Single 1984)
[Additional guitars]