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[1157]  2018-09-13  03:26:27
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[1154]  2018-03-28  02:49:15
Name: » Matthew Graybosch     From: Harrisburg, PA
Website: » matthewgraybosch.com
I don't know how many fans you guys have in the US, but I'm a recent convert thanks to a NWOBHM playlist on Spotify that included "Night of the Demon" and "Don't Break the Circle".

However, it was your 1983 album THE PLAGUE that made a fan of me. It should have done for Demon what THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST did for Iron Maiden. You guys were doing progressive metal before Queensrche, Fates Warning, or Dream Theater but hardly anybody gives you credit for being the pioneers you were.

[1153]  2017-11-10  00:37:42
Name: » Paulo Sam     From: Brazil
Hi, guys, I'm an old Demon fan, came from the 80's. I'm very happy to see you're still on the road. Thought the band was ended.
Hope you remember to visit Brazil someday. There are millions of rock and roll and hard rock fans here.
Best rock and roll regards!


[1152]  2017-09-11  10:42:36
Name: » Clarktit
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[1151]  2017-08-21  17:45:24
Name: » Gabor Kiss     From: Uk
Hi, guys. I have checked the Snooty fox website, and i can only see Saracen's name for 21st of October at the upcoming shows. Everywhere else it is being advertised as a Demon/Saracen co-headline show. I hope it is just a mistake on the Snooty website, and Demon will play that night. Me and my girlfriend can not wait to see you guys.

[1150]  2016-11-16  06:19:55
Name: » Peo     From: Sweden
I have to say a few words. Hail the Demon!! Dave and all you guys rule!
First of all I was totally blown away by the comeback album Spaced Out Monkey. Then again a couple of years ago, with the release of Unbroken, you knocked me again. Unbroken is a real killer album! So when I, to my utmost pleasure, heard there was a new record on the way late October, I thought ?they cant possibly top Unbroken or even make an equally as strong album?.
But God All Mighty!! I think You have! It may even be a bit stronger than Unbroken (which I never would have thought possible).
So again, Hail the Demon! You will always be the best!


[1149]  2016-06-12  13:37:14
Name: Demon in Sweden 2016 11th of July, downsouth at Sweden Rock !     From: Stockholm
What a great show and a fantastic day with autographs, photos and last but not least ! A marvelous show with my idols !! Finally after 30 years of waiting it all happened !! I travelled 400 miles just for this astonishing band ! Thanks Guys !! Youre No 1 Everyday !!!!


[1148]  2016-05-04  19:52:14
Name: » Christer     From: Sweden
Please we want to here have we been here before when you comeback to sweden rock tjis year, and then we van grab some beers as we did last time. / best Christer

[1147]  2016-03-20  14:38:57
Name: » Martina e Lorenzo     From: Italy
Hi Demon!
Thank you so much for coming in Italy. Your music is like a poem! We will take you and your art forever with us!
We hope to see you again!
Thank you for all
Martina e Lorenzo

[1146]  2015-11-12  18:35:26
Name: » Hammar
Come play in Stockholm please. Debaser(Medis) would be perfect for you to play at. Make it a Friday and it will be full house ;) Cheers

[1145]  2015-03-20  10:47:25
Name: » Mike Stone     From: manager

Wish I could speak your language as good as you speak English thank you for your comments and Support.

Lutz wrote 2015-03-10 21:17:45:
Thank you for the great music.
I can cry again and again when i hear songs like eastern sunset - let me out of there - the great divide - remembrance day and all the many other

let's rock it again and again and again

sorry for my terrible english


[1144]  2015-03-10  21:17:45
Name: » Lutz     From: Germany
Thank you for the great music.
I can cry again and again when i hear songs like eastern sunset - let me out of there - the great divide - remembrance day and all the many other

let's rock it again and again and again

sorry for my terrible english

[1143]  2014-09-19  22:57:46
Name: Falcon Leer     From: Russia
"Demon" is the best hard-n-heavy band. "Hold On to the Dream" is the greatest song ever. What about little "Russian tour"? :)

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