by Götz Kühnemund

For many the following band represented the billing's peak: The British band DEMON that had been put on ice for about four years. It was the editors of the "Heavy, oder was!?" magazine who persuaded the group to do a comeback appearance containing all their famous show elements: Coffin, DEMON's masque, "Bushwhacker"-Outfit - all the lovely gimmicks which have never been presented outside England. But even without these little show effects (which where used while playing the last two numbers "Night Of The Demon" and "Into The Nightmare") DEMON still would have been completely convincing.

I must admit that I had almost forgotten what a great frontman Dave Hill is. Not only does the guy have golden vocal cords, but above all he is incredibly charismatic! No matter which song was played this night in Tübingen - Dave Hill's voice made each of them into a classic.

My personal faves: "Don't Break The Circle", "Blackheath", and above all the very extended version of "Life On The Wire".

More of it, please!

–  ' BANG YOUR HEAD-Festival in Tübingen, Sept 13th 1997 ' updated 2006-02-09  –