What followed can be summed up as "The Night Of DEMON".

The Swedish shooting stars HAMMERFALL had already inspired the public earlier; but it was the British legend DEMON who presented the absolute peak of the event. The band had been exclusively reformed for this occasion.

Especially the people above the age of 30 expected Dave Hill and his men respectfully. DEMON were greeted with enormous applause and opened their gig with "Liar". The band showed from the very beginning that they were in the right place! They even had more to offer than some of the highly recommended newcomer bands.

The complete team played excellently and worked sovereign and fresh. They inspired the crowd with a balanced program which included many highlights of their band career. Especially frontman Dave Hill managed to set accents. His charismatic voice gave me goose-pimples.

DEMON played "Don't Break The Circle", which had been covered by last year's headliner BLIND GUARDIAN. Furthermore we heard "The Plague" and "Blackheath". In conclusion of the regular part they performed the outstanding epic "Life On The Wire", one of my favourite DEMON songs.

While the curtain closed the band did a furious and excitingly produced PINK FLOYD-like jam session. It was quite clear what was going to happen after this transition:

The curtain opened again and one could see a gothic/horror style stage set. In the middle of this arrangement was a damp grave covered with fallen leaves.

To the well-known intro of the famous song "Night Of The Demon" Dave Hill arose from his resting place. He was wearing the DEMON's costume and his mask. While celebrating this killer version of "Night Of The Demon" even the most hard-boiled fans had tears in their eyes! It was a beautiful, theatrical scene with a strong metaphoric character. Pure cult!

As if that hadn't been enough, DEMON added "Into The Nightmare" to crown a memorable gig. They demonstrated once more emphatically, that they still have a lot to offer as a band.

Yes, you have been reading right. If we are supposed to believe rumors, it seems that Dave and Co. were totally enthusiastic about the overwhealming reactions on their gig; they have been considering earnestly to keep the DEMON alive.

So far, so good: The legend lives on - at least for me who claims that this gig will be the concert of the year.

–  ' BANG YOUR HEAD-Festival in Tübingen, Sept 13th 1997 ' updated 2006-02-09  –