Neighbours wondered what the devil was going on when they heard spooky noises coming from a deserted graveyard...

And they called in the law to check out the eerie happenings at Mount Pleasant cemetery at Leek.

But two bobbies sent on the midnight mission soon got the picture.

It was no black magic ceremony - just a photo session by a local pop group called "Demon".

And the unsuspecting bobbies found lead singer Dave Hill posing between the gravestones - togged up in his hideous stage gear.

Bass player, Chris Ellis, 25, said: "After a quick chat, they just left us to it. They seemed completely bemused.

"Really, we felt a bit sorry for them - Dave's get-up is horrible. It looks like he's been skinned alive."

The group's late-night picture call was part of a promotion drive to launch their new L.P. - "The Unexpected Guest."!

A spokesman for Leek police said: "It was a Hell of a shock for the officers who went to investigate. We've all had a good laugh about it since."

Photo by Horace Wetton

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