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Rainer Hiltscher, May 03 2002

Demon Torment Germany With Openers Chinchilla and Tad Morose on April, 19th, 2002

DEMON was coming home - DEMON went to Germany!

It was a long time ago since Demon came last to a German tour, but this fantastic British rock group was welcomed very well. After two very good supporting acts (Chinchilla and Tad Morose) they started their gig at 23:40 AM. The opener was their mega-song "The Plague." When the audience heard the first parts of this song, the crowd began to roar. Then Dave entered the stage and began to sing. It was exciting! Standing in the first row, I was able to feel the power and the fun they have when playing live!

They put a lot of songs on the setlist from their first three albums, which were remastered by Record Heaven last year. From Night of the Demon they played "Into the Nightmare," "One Helluva Night" and of course the title track. From The Unexpected Guest, "Sign of a Madman" and of course their wonderful "Don't Break the Circle" were on the setlist. And from their third album, "The Plague," they performed as opener, like written before, the title track, and later "Writings on the Wall" and "Blackheath." On the setlist was also their single "Wonderland." Of course they played also the best songs from their 2001 album Spaced Out Monkey, such as "Never Saw It Coming," "Dreamtime," "Streetwise Cowboy," "Let Me Out Of Here," and of course the title track, which was also released as maxi-CD last year.

On CD, the new songs were exciting, but listening to it live was rock music at it's best! No boring time during this gig -- 200 % pure metal ecstasy!!! The crowd was also exciting -- they gave the power and enthusiasm back to the band! The band gave all their power like it was their last concert. As the sound was also brilliant, it was a wonderful evening. You were able to find out that every player is a fantastic musician. At the end of the concert, as encore, the performed the Demon hymn, "Remembrance Day," which was introduced by Dave playing flute. The last song followed their mega-song "Life on the Wire." Then it was 01:15 AM -- but nobody wanted to go home after being part of this excellent gig !!! Hope they will come "home" to Germany soon ! DEMON, thank you for this fantastic evening!!


Place: Heidelberg, Germany ( Schwimmbad Music Club )
Date: Thursday, Feb, 28th, 2002
Dave Hill/Vocals, flute
Ray Walmsley/Lead guitar
Steve Brookes/Guitar
Andy Dale/Bass guitar
John Cotterill/Drums
Karl Weigh/Keyboards (filled in due to illness for the regular member Duncan Hansell)

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