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www.melodicrock.de, Sep 06 2001
by Peter Albers

Songs: 10/10 - Sound: 8/10 - All in all: 9/10

Remembering the great appearance at the Wacken-festival in 2000 it was real hard to wait for Demon's new studio release. Now, 20 years after "The Night Of The Demon", Demon's tenth studio-album is out. The line-up changed in all these years, so Dave Hill is the only one from the original Demon-line-up. Steve Brookes is in Demon for so many years and Andy Dale on bass did the recordings of "Breakout" in 1987. Now six great musicians recorded a milestone in Demon's long-time career, it's name: "Spaced Out Monkey". Every Demon-album has its own special attraction, so "Spaced Out Monkey" sounds also special. It is needed to hear it for more than one time, every single song will find its way to your ears (and your heart). Every single song has to be discovered. Dave Hill's vocals are better than ever - it's really amazing, how magic is "The Madman" ? He's one leading person of the "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal", no doubts about this. And who saw Demon on stage will confirm this. Back to the album: Eleven Songs, all in typical Demon-sound. Okay, they are sounding more modern, of course, but the guitars are leading the sound, the keyboards are included in this basic sound. Nothing can be criticized of the production, sometimes it could be a little more pressureful. And with "Let Me Out Of Here" there is a real killer on it. Perhaps it depends on the money for the production, it isn't easy - we all know. "Spaced Out Monkey" will be so great for all old Demon-fans worldwide, and also new friends will be found. Record Heaven (many thx to Johannes!) signed Demon, and Demon will be on tour. So check it out to see them live. There is nothing to write - no words, only the desire, to see and meet Demon again... with the songs of "Spaced Out Monkey".

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