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Heavy Metal Resource, Aug 15 2001

The Notes
When wondering what the key to longevity is in the music world, who would be better to ask than Record Heavens recent signing Demon. These guys have been doing the music thing for a very long time and have really cranked out a slew of albums. Some of these albums are scheduled for reissue by the label at the end of August 2001. Getting back to the album at hand, this album really showcases what this British outfit is about. Very solid songwriting and musicianship.

The Music
Now I have to admit, I wasn't very familiar with these guys. Some slip by when you try to keep up with the music scene, especially with a great scene already going back in 1984 and beyond. I popped this disc in and my jaw hit the floor. These guys are very tight and deliver there music in very consistent fashion. I observed a good mix of keyboard, guitars, and low end. There is a very generous amount of precision added to each track. 'Sound of the Underground' is a good example of this. This particular track represents the feel of the album well. Great balance in heavy and light with depth added for good measure. 'Cry from the street' is a favorite track of mine. For lighter stuff try out 'Homeless'. It's a bit short, but is a great lead in to 'Child of the dark sky'. Getting a bit more crunchy is 'Dreamtime'. The title track 'Spaced out monkey' fits the same style and is a fun listen lyrically. Consistency in the tracks is this albums best attribute. The album contines and ends in the same fashion it starts. 11 great tracks that will really surprise some listeners.

This is one band that can be really decieving if you judge them from their name. What you actually get is an absolutely incredible listen that is not overly heavy or light. There is a very good balance of both. The thing that really sticks out is the depth attained in the recordings. These tracks come across visual, moody, and very enjoyable. Finding great bands is a real bang especially when you have a complete back catalogue to go back to. If you haven't heard these guys, check them out. This release is outstanding and highly recommended!

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