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On The Rocks, Aug 2001

Release date: August 27th

Tracklist: Never Saw It Coming / Sound Of The Underground / Cry From The Street / Homeless / Child Of The Dark Sky / Dreamtime / Spaced Out Monkey / Streetwise Cowboy / Alone / Where Are You Coming From? / Let Me Out Of Here

Playing time: 54:38 min.

Line-up: Ray Walmsley (guitars) / Duncan Hansell (keyboards) / Dave Hill (vocals) / John Cotterill (drums) / Steve Brooks (guitars) / Andy Dale (bass)

Producer: DEMON

Even though the history of DEMON traces back to 1980 I have never purchased any of their albums and so I can't draw any comparison between 'Spaced Out Monkey' and any of their earlier releases. Nevertheless, I can state that 'Spaced Out Monkey' is a solid and interesting piece of Hard Rock which pretty much revolves around Dave Hills outstanding and expressive vocals. Best songs of the album are 'Never Saw It Coming', which features a really great chorus and some spacy keyboards, 'Sound Of The Underground', which shows a little Phil Lynott similarity at the vocals, 'Child Of The Dark Sky', which is a beautifully melancholic ballad, 'Where Are You Coming From?' of which the chorus is spiced by a shot of PINK FLOYD, and the straight and UFO-like rocker 'Let Me Out Of Here'. The other songs on 'Spaced Out Monkey' are solid and well played Hard Rock stuff but nothing outstanding or very impressive. Summary: 5 killers and 6 fillers. Make your decision.

Rating: 71 %

Discography: Night Of The Demon / The Unexpected Guest / The Plague / British Standard Approved / Heart Of Out Time / Breakout / Taking The World By Storm / One Helluva Night – Live In Germany / Hold On The The Dream / Blow-Out / Spaced Out Monkey

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