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Rock It Magazine / Metal And Hard Rock Area, Aug 2001

5,0 / 6,0

Yes! NWOBHM legend Demon are back with a great album which should satisfy any fan of melodic hard rock music. "Spaced Out Monkey" offers a huge collection of rockin' but still catchy tunes like the great opener "Never Saw It Coming", the potential club hymn "Sound Of The Underground" and the epic ballad "Let Me Out Of Here" which finishes off the album with a blast for example. The track "Dreamtime" even reminds me on classic UFO as well and marks another highlight here. The title track of the disc is a weird rocker which offers bits of a more modern sound but still rocks and ends up in a very catchy chorus, too. Speaking of different 'sounds - this album really features any kind of stuff you'd kind think of like fast rockers, groovy stuff, ballad-typed, yet sometimes even epic slow stuff and great melodies!

If you're an old school fan of the band you will be pleased with this for sure as it's not only 'hype' again but a reunion which will succeed. Finally, this is one of the few comebacks which really rocks. A must have!

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