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Rock And A Hard Place, Aug 2001

Veteran Rockers Demon return for their 11th album, "Spaced Out Monkey". I'm not going to even try to explain the bands line-up changes, other than Dave Hill remains the only original member since their first album 20-some years ago. I'm still discovering this band myself, but from what I've heard, they fall in the same categories with UFO and even Pink Floyd. The guitar licks are reminescent of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands. The music is majestic and melodic, some ventures into the AOR realm, but mostly they are simply stated, Hard Rock. I don't mean this comment to be offensive, but rather a compliement. They're a perfect band for the people that were rockin' heavy in the late 70's who now have settled down for the most part. It still has a good pop to it, but it's not obnoxious. I wish any of those fans who converted to Country music give this a shot. Yeah, it's considerably heavier than that music, and a helluva lot smarter, but I can imagine that group really enjoying this record. Having said that, there's no reason Demon can't appeal to a new generation, after all, good music is good music, no matter what era it's in. My personal favs are "Child Of The Dark Skies" and "Let Me Out Of Hear". On both tracks, lead vocalist Dave Hill reminded me of Glen Hughes. Watch for more Demon albums to be remastered on Record Heaven.

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