Metal Invader, 2000
by Demetrius "Bathtub" Fatouros

Usually all those "Best of" kinds of compilations are profiteering moves by some labels, when their artists depart from them. And the sole purpose of such compos is to totally suck dry the hardcore fans and to totally exploit the groups. But NOT in this case. Demons are even putting it out through their own label.

The main reason for Demon to get back in action was the interest in the band, which was magnified thru their official site, which is damn good! So now, they're back and ready to reclaim the lion’s share! (All that I can say, by the 2 new songs that I have listened, which are included in the tribute album is that it looks like not a single day has passed since Blow-Out!)

Demon, as most of you, by now, I hope, would know, play this kind of hard'n heavy music, and though they might not accept the term metal, I would more or less have to disagree with them on that... Anyway, any sane classical metal or hard rock fan should be blown apart, by the quality of their compositions... Here we have this very nice collection, featuring 15 remastered songs, from almost their entire career span, with beautiful melodic parts, pondering lyrics, absolutely brilliant solos and laudatory, rhapsodic choruses. I know not which song to praise first, as all of them are masterpieces. The mythical "Night of the demon"? The fantastic "Don’t break the circle" that has been covered by BLIND GUARDIAN. What could I say about the soul-stirring "Life on the wire", or about the prophetic "Visions of The future 2". I shall just quote the other numbers on the record, since I will run out of characterizations if I start to praise each separately! Namely apart from the aforementioned, we'd have "“Into the nightmare", "The Spell", "Sign of a madman", "The plague", "Black heath 1&2", "Touching the ice", "Heart of our time", "Hurricane", "Remembrance day", "No more hell on earth", "The lion’s share". I just can't understand why I'm just wasting all this ink, when things are so crystal clear. Go and get their whole discography, you won’t be disappointed! (If you're able to find it?)

And just a final remark: For me DEMON should be in the same league with and enjoy the fame of such mega bands as IRON MAIDEN, SAXON and a lot more that have made a name. They were underrated when they were in their prime time, do not dare to pass them by now, it’s a bloody disgrace, that the band is viewed by the vast majority as an oddity, or as a few have said a black metal band????? (Obviously the name fools those people, but they must have never heard the band!). So embrace DEMON. Their records do not need corpse paint and spikes to carry you to another musical plain, in the spirit world, were only a few of us possess the second sight... I'm sure that DEMON will steal your soul! A priceless jewel for your record collection. The booklet has an interesting collage, featuring all the band’s line-ups, and there are quite a few, believe me! The address to their site, where you can get more info on this brilliant band is

"I pray they find a peace, in a great and proud land, where their sons and daughters will walk hand in hand, and all hearts will beat to the sound of one drum, when the streets no more echo the gun."
- Dave Hill

PS. This review in memory of Mal Spooner. (RIP)


Demetrius "Bathtub" Fatouros

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