Bright Eyes Metal Magazine No. 7, Dec 1999
by Joakim Adriansson
(Translated from Swedish)

I don't understand why I never have taken to DEMON until I got this compilation. This is without doubt a true NWOBHM band with a singer with an amazing set of lungs. We're talking strong, warm, enchanting songs.

This compilation is a perfect way to discover DEMON. It shows all the band's different sides - from rocker 'Night Of The Demon' to pompy 'Remembrance Day' and everything in between. One thing is constant though: Dave Hill's voice is always great. Parallels can be drawn to Virgin Steele's David DeFeis. Among the songs there is also 'Don't Break The Circle' - which Blind Guardian made a cover of. Unlike the Germans' butchered version the original is full of charm and warmth.

No matter how you look at it DEMON is a magical band - and one of the most underrated. For fans of Warlord, Grim Reaper and other NWOBHM - you CAN'T go wrong with this compilation!

Joakim Adriansson

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