:: One Helluva Night ::    

Hi-Fi News & Record Review, 1990
by Ian Kenyon

Demon are Britain's finest, yet virtually unknown masters of melodic rock. Having released seven albums of immense stature and originality during the last decade, they've been constantly ignored by the fickle music media.

'One Helluva Night' is a double live set, recorded on a single night in Germany last December and features an electric fifteen song selection, that showcases the band's ability to combine power, melody and dynamics to startling effect. The carefully constructed set builds up an electric atmosphere and displays breathtaking rock'n'roll, moving and passionate ballads and stirring anthemic epics. Demon's unique fusion of musical muscle with lyrical poignancy, results in a compelling and diverse musical landscape, dominated by the dramatic vocal style of Dave Hill. Along with Purple's 'Made in Japan' and Kiss' 'Alive', this is as near perfect a live album you will ever hear. [A* : 1*].

Ian Kenyon

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