:: The Plague ::    

Origin unknown, 1983


DEMON's third L.P. "The Plague" is an aventurous break from the past.

The Leek-based band (pictured) have what it takes to change their style, and yet still retain an unmistakable identity. With "The Plague" they have moved further away from the heavy metal camp - a category they never snugly fitted into - and towards prog. rock.

It's a concept album and a product of its times. Dave Hill and his friends don't hide behind mythology - that cliched heavy rockers' metaphor - but appear to draw their own inspiration from the 1980s.

The lyrics - well displayed on the cover's illustrated inner leaves - are about paranoia, disillusionment and fear.

Musically, it's a rewarding album, and one which stands repeated listening. Although keyboards feature more than in the past and the whole tone is more restrained, Demon still produced the unexpected break to perfection. Highly recommended.

It's on the local label Clay Records and should be in the shops now.

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