:: Night Of The Demon ::    

Kerrang! 1988
by Jon Hotten


I can remember the first release of 'Night Of The Demon'. It came on the cusp of the NWOBHM; a time of hope and heavy fury.

Now, it all seems a long time ago. Demon were signed to Carrere, Kerrang! was still a magazine that you had to search the shelves for roughly once a month, and when you found one, you read it, long and hard, brain addled by fifty-odd pages devoted solely to Metal!

And nestled there somewhere in an early edition was a feature about Demon. It was a weird tale, about the recording of a debut album with half its contents devoted to straight-ahead Metal - the other half was the Devil's side!

It was recorded as if to a Hammer script; as 'Full Moon' and 'Into The Nightmare' went down on tape, car tyres burst in the studio car park, windows opened, doors slammed...

I read all this with delight, but the clincher was the sleeve - unearthly green grass around a living gravestone, a hand's crooked nails tear a path for bursting innards. More fuel for the bedroom revolution. My mum hated that cover.

And the music? The business. 'Night Of The Demon', 'Into The Nightmare', 'Father Of Time', 'Decisions'... they're all searing Metal, Dave Hill's rasping classic rock voice riding Mal Spooner's shredder of a guitar. I still know every word; I love those songs.

If you want a great, fun reminder of those days or a first-timer's taster of how it all began, get this album.

If you want to hear how one of Britain's great unsung bands have progressed, buy their latest release, 'Breakout'.

On second thoughts, buy them both. British Metal has rarely been finer; never more neglected.

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