A collegue from the English sucker-mag "KERRANG!" made an interview with DEMON some weeks ago. It wasn't released until now since this poser-mag prefered to feature some Brit-Pop/Rock-Bands. By chance I ran across one of the last citizens of the UK that still know DEMON in some newsgroup on the Net and bugged him until he gave it to me. For a long time, specifically since 1992, it has become pretty silent around the band, but on last year's "Bang your Head"-Festival organized by "Heavy, oder was?!" they suddenly reappeared. For many fans THEY were the headliner of the night and for Dave Hill there was only one consequence: THEY WILL RETURN. What a luck!

Dave, what line-up does the band currently consist of?
Ray Walmersly (guitars), Steve Brookes (guitars), Duncan Anssel (keyboards), Andy Dale (bass), John Broberg (drums) and of course me as vocalist.

You are currently recording a new CD. What kind of style can we expect?
The tracks we already have sound like a mixture of our first 2 or 3 albums. They have elements of Rock and hymns like "Night Of The Demon" and "The Unexpected Guest", but we also have material pointing in the direction of "The Plague" or towards atmosphere like the longer songs from "Taking The World By Storm" and "Hold On To The Dream". Which direction the album will aim finally has to be found out within the next weeks because the songs are meant to be basically of the same style.

How far are the works on the new album? What will be its name?
The project name is "Spaced Out Monkey", "Return Of The Demon" was also in discussion. A final title has not yet been found. Some songs have already been recorded but we won't go back into the studios until the beginning of 1999.

Is there anything to be said about a specific record deal? Do you have interesting offers from record companies?
I'd say, we will suprise you with this. Just one thing: We don't accept every offer we get. We can choose among several good offers.

You didn't get any offers from the UK?
In the UK metal is dead. It is so dead I even wonder how it could originate here. The influence on culture this kind of music has left here is fading away more and more and soon no one will remember there once were times here when no one really cared about Brit-Pop and Techno. There are no more successful bands here except IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST. SAXON are only a shadow of the past. Here in Germany Metal seems to be timeless. Beyond all trends it has created its own unmissable domain.

Will any DEMON-albums be remastered?
It currently looks like all DEMON-albums will be digitally remastered and completed with lyrics and liner-notes.

After the flop of "Blowout" in 1992 you released a solo-album that sounded more like DEMON than "Blowout".
At that time we didn't know in which direction to go. We were out of energy and found out just after it that we needed some time for a break. With my solo-album I just made what I like personally: The spicy DEMON-sound, but with more commercial and poppy than we ever made it before. I like the album now as I liked it then. Unfortunatly, it didn't get any huge success despite the positive critics (e.g. from RockHard). I suppose people couldn't think of too much out of the name "Dave Hill" and so it consequently drowned in the flood of other releases.

Your concert in Germany last year was a complete success, what do you expect from the new album?
I have a record store that's running quite good, so I do not depend on selling DEMON-CDs. But since Metal currently has a renaissance in Germany I hope of course that DEMON may still make its break-trough. However, money never ever played a role in that context. We have fun with the band and are happy about every single individual that likes our music. We will never try to catch any trends. DEMON will stay DEMON.

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