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Demon forum / Una considerazione - Pls use Google Translate
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Savona - Italy
69 posts
Age: 48 years
Reg: 9/9-12
Posted: 2012-09-26 23:04   » Email
E' la prima volta che mi capita di iscrivermi ad un sito di un gruppo. Non a caso ho scelto i Demon, gruppo che adoro e che mi ha portato felicità in questi anni. Ho praticamente il 90% della vostra discografia, qui in Italia i vostri album stentano ad arrivare benché chi vi conosce vi stima e come me vi adora. C'è chi mi crede un pazzo aver pagato 80? l'originale Carrere di Night Of The Demon o 60? Wonderland, ma un buon collezionista certi pezzi non se li fa scappare! Ho assistito al vostro concerto a Bologna anni fa e sono rimasto praticamente colpito dalla potenza che avete. Ci sono pezzi che mi sono entrati nel cuore, che ho ascoltato centinaia di volte, Living In The Shadow è il mio preferito, ma pure One Small Step e Blue Skies In Red Square. Ho ordinato a fine luglio dal mio "fornitore" Unbroken, ma cazzo gli è ancora arrivato.
Spero solo che farete una tappa qui in Italia, visto che ci venite raramente.
Qui c'è il link del mio terzo clip creato sulla base del live Standing On The Edge e sarà pronto direi per domani visto che Youtube in questo momento lo sta elaborando. Non mi interessa se lo visiterete o meno, questo è un gesto d'affetto nei vostri confronti, visto che siete unici. Continuate così. Ciao ragazzi, Ale.

Space Dog
197 posts
Age: 53 years
Reg: 3/5-06
Posted: 2012-09-27 00:20   » Email
OK, all i understood was "Ale" (means beer to me) Very Happy

746 posts
Reg: 5/5-06
Posted: 2012-09-27 08:24
"It 's the first time that I happen to subscribe to a website of a group. Not by chance I chose the Demon, a group that I love and that has brought me happiness over the years. I have almost 90% of your discography, here in Italy are struggling to get your album though who knows you will respect and like me adores you. There are those who believe me a fool I paid 80? Carrere of the original Night Of The Demon or 60? Wonderland, but a good collector pieces not sure if that makes them run away! I attended your concert in Bologna years ago and I was pretty impressed with the power you have. There are pieces that I have entered into the heart, which I have heard hundreds of times, and Living In The Shadow is my favorite, but also One Small Step and Blue Skies In Red Square. I ordered in late July from my "supplier" Unbroken, but fuck him yet arrived.
I just hope that you will make a stop here in Italy, since we rarely come.
Here is the link of my third clip created on the basis of live Standing On The Edge and will be ready for tomorrow because Youtube would say right now it is working. I do not care if you visit it or not, this is a gesture of affection for you, because you are unique. Keep it up. Hello guys, Ale.

Thanks for that Larky, and welcome to the Demon discussion forum. 'Ale' is an international bonding agent. Wink
[Edited 2012-09-27 08:28]
Savona - Italy
69 posts
Age: 48 years
Reg: 9/9-12
Posted: 2012-09-27 11:48   » Email
Ehi thanx Giles... Wink
Savona - Italy
69 posts
Age: 48 years
Reg: 9/9-12
Posted: 2012-10-22 19:06   » Email
Well it was really difficult having to create "Wings of steel", believe me, I stuck several times, especially with some pieces that went out of tune with the song.
Find a child singing .... where is it? Where can I find a girl who cries ... well, you will play to laugh ... but here's a little of both .... from Japanese landscapes to those in Australia, the Rocky Mountains, a pinch of Italy (the girl who cries such as being from a horror movie), a piece found by the TV, there is also the advertising, but the most difficult thing was to find a girl ... I wanted nice but really nice .... something that would represent sensuality and innocence at the same time and I found after hours and hours to run the web Tiffany Thompson. Sometimes with your imagination come out extraordinary things. Well after accumulating hours of video came the choice of frames. the video is twice as long, staggered overlapping images give a very soft to the video. I usually do not watch what I do, I do not like, but often errors always jump out at work. And then it starts again ... Yesterday on facebook while i'm chatt with neil, I checked the video ... crashed several times because it didn't run a frame. Then, shoot the video to be processed, remove the frame, it put another .... and so for hours ...
Believe me, for me is a hobby, then I do not care if the video does not have a million contacts. But 'this is managed better, maybe because the song I loved it at first listen and just close my eyes, I thought of two kissing ... well I wanted to be the one you have them in the video with Tiffany .. . okay ... I'm done ... good evening.
Thank you Demon, you did a really great piece!
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