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Demon forum / Unbroken (found on emule)
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Savona - Italy
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Age: 48 years
Reg: 9/9-12
Posted: 2012-10-17 20:06   » Email
Well guys I 'm of the opinion that a band to survive it has to sell an album.
In the heyday of metal ('84-'90), very few labels were saved after the landing of the pc available to everyone and that I am referring to the fact now download songs has become a breeze.
But believe me, I've been waiting months for Unbroken and I'm glad bought it, I asked all the shops in the area but only one finally knew what I was talking about and was 50 miles from my house.
A great job, wonderful, hard to find today.
What gives me really angry is that all right, will not be available everywhere but fuck it, put it on e-mule, that just will not accept it!
Band don't live in piracy..remember this
Larky Evil or Very Mad
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