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Demon forum / A big thanks for the vid
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Savona - Italy
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Posted: 2012-10-27 18:35   » Email
Well...I feel obliged to thanks all those who ve seen the vids and shared on facebook and youtube. I found a lot of positive reviews, but I do not have to say thanks to me, but the song is really beautiful .... I went behind the emotions ...
It was very suffered as a video, because I wanted something strong, the version most views is not the last, but that's okay, I'm glad the same.
In the vid there s a bit of everything, the Rocky Mountains, the Japanese landscape, an advertisement, a sunset in my area, even a horror movie.
But most difficult part was that feeling for the first time the song here on youtube, what struck me was the chorus. I immediately jumped in head two kissing. I do not know why ..... And then you find them two kissing ....
I watched hours and hours of video of movies and I hit this girl, Tiffany Thompson, struck me because besides being very pretty, represented both the sensuality that innocence ... innocence ... oh well .... we men had understood...
uhm I would say that you are right international following countries from where they viewed the two video
United Kingdom, Italy, Russian Federation, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Finland, Greece, Norway, Spain, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, the United States, Australia, Aland islands, Belgium, Bahrein, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile

that's it all....thanx to all....ciao ragazzi....
[Edited 2012-10-28 09:48]
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