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Demon forum / It's been awhile (Part 2)...glad to be back !
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Age: 60 years
Reg: 25/2-07
Posted: 2013-04-27 17:37   » Email
Greetings! Though I've been away for awhile...I haven't stopped flying the DEMON flag...and still listening to the whole catalog (which I just recently got all of the re-masters w/bonus trax)...still waiting for the NEW Cd to come in the mail. I've heard 2 songs...and like 'em a lot...a special shout out to all my old friends on the site...you should know who you are...and of course, to Dave and the band...great to see/hear that you guys are STILL rockin'. To briefly give you all the lowdown on what's been happening with me...is that I got married to the woman of my dreams last year and 3 months ago we had our 1st child (Samuel Hunter Webber)...and can't describe the awesome feelings of his birth,etc.

Just know that I'll be dropping in from time to time.I'lll be letting all my friends know of the band's New CD...and will continue to sing (?) the praises of DEMON. Take care,everyone...and In Rock on !!!

NP: Demon Diamonds...K.C.'s 'Best Of' Cutz

Kidsgrove Stoke On Trent Staffordshire England
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Age: 54 years
Reg: 8/5-06
Posted: 2013-04-27 21:51   » Email
Blimey hi kc matey good to see you back I see congratulations are in order nice to see all is well matey
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