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Steve Watts 14
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Reg: 1/6-12
Posted: 2013-06-27 18:51   » Website
Hello - Steve Watts here...

Sorry about the lack of Demon blog on the 11th June! DDR Vol. 2 recording sessions are taking precedence at the moment.

So to make up for lost time, here's a pre - July 11th pre-blog-blog as it were... just to get you in the mood!

So...where were we? Oh yes... about to talk about music (and Demon)... but first lets continue with sandwiches...

So if you imagine the TV studio audience of "The Price Is Right" as the naive, eminently manipulable, artistic/creative type, all braying for their chance at fame and fortune (sandwich filler - Egg Mayonnaise; Ham and Pickle; Ocelot and Brie - delete as appropriate), and the TV company/producers/Leslie Crowther, as the manipulating industry (the various supportive breads that hold it all together, all primed to take their exceedingly large bite from the Deli counter), further based on the zeitgeist in which the show was first aired (complete with Thatcheristic ideals based on individual consumerist greed) ... you then have a pretty accurate analogy of the Music Industry mid - 1980's and in a track like "Big Chance", our reaction to it.

It really is no surprise that we reacted in such a way. Struggling through the years to have our music recognised against such a backdrop was difficult enough; trying to express some form of social commentary whilst the mainstream population indulged in Kylie and Jason's love affair in 'Neighbours', nasty Nick Cotton's naughty behaviour in 'Eastenders', and a penchant for shiny new Breville Toasted Sandwich Makers (then all the rage) whilst being hammered by The Iron Ladies' policies, and a music industry/press entrenched in post-punk dogma, proved to be very often futile.

Yeah ok, a greater percentage of the population were given the opportunity to buy their own homes, become self- independent entrepreneurs - blah, blah, blah... but at the expense and support of the broken backs of the industries and individuals that couldn't?

No thanks ... I absolutely fucking LOATH Yuppies.

Being a lad born in Stoke-On-Trent, I watched in strangely detached despair as this Cities world-famous industries slowly crumbled to ruins and the optimism of these wonderful heart-felt and friendly people slowly died along with it. A lot of our albums from this period were naturally influenced by these events happening in our environment (as was the entirety of "The Plague")

They affected our own families and personal friends, and our ability to optimistically succeed in this 'brave new world', farmed out at us like sewage.

Well... I suppose you had to be there.

Of course - this didn't stop us from trying. "Big Chance" was certainly inspired by these events (as was a great deal of "Breakout") - Dave Hill's lyrics, often brilliantly sum up that nasty, tacky, tele-visualised soma, engaged to nullify the population and further enrapture them to the ever tightening confines of Conservative Capitalism.

What!? You mean you don't OWN your own house?! Complete with Microwave, TV-Set, Video and Toaster?! No car!?

How fucking worthless are YOU!?


... in a full Demon blog on 11: 07: 13, in which we discuss various songs from "Breakout", the perils and pit-falls of the music industry, contracts (or lack of them), and how to avoid 1st Degree burns from cheese pasties! Enjoy!

Steve Watts - 27:11:13

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Reg: 5/5-06
Posted: 2013-06-28 08:04
I think that, whilst Thatcherism promoted social Darwinism, the zeitgeist has been (and still very much is) with us ever since the purely materialistic science paradigm was fully established with the idea (or fact as they put it) that the universe is a 'machine' created by random blind forces only finely tuned by the need to eat! If the natural law 'Survival of the fittest' only is considered to be THE creative (despite it only being selective of course) agent, and add into that that 'official' science claims that we have no soul, that consciousness/free-will is essentially an illusion - simply just mechanical properties of a computer-like material brain formed from the need to survive alone, then what the FUCK do they expect people's axiology to be?? The acquisitive society and the need to 'have' rather than 'be' only comes from a certain worldview!

And take a deep breathe...I could write a book, and am doing actually.

Against that Thatcher regime backdrop, I do understand the difficulties Demon faced - particularly as they refused to 'sell out' point blank. I mean, the contempories like Magnum (who I would like Demon to (musically) mostly at the time), with all their philosophical and political stance, sang 'Days of no trust' with full 'Bon Jovi/Europe' type presentation it has to be said! All a bit like Ben Elton slagging off Tories from his mansion in the countryside. Or Phil Collins and Springsteen teaching us about the poor!

Margaret Thatcher definitively created 'The Yuppie', and just for that alone she has to be charged with 'Crimes against Society'!

Yuppies were MY generation (why didn't they all just f-f-f-fade away! ;-) ) so I REALLY had to endure this 'culture' as some of my 'friends' became such despicable creatures! One guy in particular with his mortgage (at the age of 18/19), beige carpets, white XR3 yuppie mobile complete with white spoiler, white wheel trim, white wipers, furry die and "private" registration "DXII 55" (meant nothing but he liked to think it did). He even only bought records that were number 1! So it was beige carpets and Dire Straits (not that he liked them you understand - it was 'IN')!

One day in a pub in Congleton, this guy, that always looked much older than he was (with receding hair etc), proudly claimed "People know me as 'Dixie 55 (DXII 55)". FFS, I retorted immediately with "Steve, are you sure that's not 'A dick that looks 55'?? - we all fell about - even him!! Deep down he knew he was a materialistic prick just after a piece of cake in the night time!

A few years later I formed a band in reaction to social issues and wrote an 'anti-Thatcher' song called 'A New Sensation' (sample I posted here once) that had sound effects inspired by the end of 'Expressing the heart' by Demon.

It's all related folks! Trust me, it's ALL related and relevant.
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