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Demon forum / Bang Your Head Festival
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Reg: 24/3-10
Posted: 2013-09-04 04:25
Isn't it about time Demon returned to Germany's Bang Your Head-Festival? IIRC, the band's last appearance was in 2010, when they almost stole the show from Saxon at the indoors warm-up-show.

To be exact, it's time Demon returned to the main stage there - they played the main stage in 2005, but only for 15 minutes, as a Hurricane (how appropriate...) had destroyed half the festival site the night before and all the bands had to shorten their sets. The show still went down a storm (...). And, of course, the infamous 1997 show, where the entire festival still was indoors - and people kept shouting for an encore for about ten minutes, no matter how much the moderator tried to get them to shut up...

So, what about BYH 2014? Very Happy
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Stoke On Trent
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Reg: 18/2-06
Posted: 2013-09-07 13:14   » Email
Hello lordherzkatheter, good to hear from you, I totally agree with all you said you took the words out of my mouth I have been saying that to Dave Hill all this time but unfortunately Lord this is a funny business either your face fits or not and in this case with BANG YOUR HEAD I'm not sure, HORST the promoter has all our contact details if he wanted DEMON he knows what to do ??? so there you go LORD, Mike
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