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Space Dog
198 posts
Age: 53 years
Reg: 3/5-06
Posted: 2013-10-16 22:44   » Email
Hey everybody,

are you still alive?
I´ve been watching the site for more than a month now, realizing that nothing is going on here.
No news?
No comments?
Not even any kind of intellectual off-topic spam?

Meanwhile i am worrying something serious has happened...

Hey Mike, Neil, Kevin, Giles and everybody else: don´t you have anything to post to entertain us?

I think all of the demoniac mob would love to read something like a new world tour info with Metallica, a new record deal with Warner or just a 14-days lasting BBQ-invitation at Dave´s home for all of us.

As you may know, all kind of news are better than no news.
So, please, keep us updated what´s going on at the Demon camp, even if there´s nothing going on.

E.g. Jutta Weinhold (also known as Zed Yago) is playing at a local pub just next to the place of the Headbangers Open Air at Lutzhorn to celebrate her 66th birthday at the forthcoming saturday. I am thinking about visiting the gig. At least I like her Zed Yago-albums, i´ve seen her 1 year ago on a festival at our former practice room facility, it´s only 10 ? entrance fee and i´ve played a few practice units with her former drummer in 1995. So, if that is not a relationship... Very Happy

But back to topic: i would love a little vital sign!
What about you Carl, Paul, David? You are smart guys as far as i had the pleasure to meet you. I guess there are lots of fans who would love to have a little personal feedback from you. (Be sure - it won´t hurt... Very Happy )

Hope to read some replies from YOU!!!

your Space Dog
NP: Doc Mayson (that´s me) - Angle (from "Triangle")

Sweden, Örebro
261 posts
Age: 51 years
Reg: 2/5-06
Posted: 2013-10-17 12:27   » Website
I sometimes drop by..
I had a blast in Netherlands visiting Progpower Europe(Baalo, close to Venlo(NL)/Düsseldorf(DE)) for the 10:th time.

I think Neil and Paul is occupied with Lawless(at least according to their facebook updates..)
11 posts
Reg: 4/4-12
Posted: 2013-10-17 15:29
no, nothing going on.

Not even a post from Steve Watts! his website has also gone Shocked

Kidsgrove Stoke On Trent Staffordshire England
339 posts
Age: 55 years
Reg: 8/5-06
Posted: 2013-11-05 09:35   » Email
Hi Guys I haven't been around for a while hope alls well with everyone
Good Question!
31 posts
Reg: 10/2-09
Posted: 2013-11-05 17:34   » Website   » Email
On this week's Got Rock? with The God of Thunder on Beartown Radio, as it's Remembrance Day this weekend, I thought the theme of the show would be obvious... A huge chunk of one of the best rock bands you have never heard, Demon. 5pm to 9pm UK time on Saturday!

Don't make crop circles!

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