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Brian the Snail
The magic roundabout
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Reg: 13/12-11
Posted: 2014-04-10 21:30
Hello everyone, long time no hear!!

Just had a quick look on ebay (first 50 pages) and my god what did i see??

7" test pressings of wonderland and the plague at reasonable prices and also carrere sampler albums featuring not only Demon but also Saxon!

Some people taking the piss by trying to sell the new vinyl re-releases of Night / Unexpected / Plague albums at nearly double the price, but the best was a Japenese release of BSA on CD including the wonderland remix all for a mind fucking 119!!!!!!!!

Also I have figured out how to run my record player through my SoundFreaq bluetooth speaker, and my god when you listen to the intro of Night it sounds like your in a church!!
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