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Demon forum / Any news about anything?
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Space Dog
198 posts
Age: 53 years
Reg: 3/5-06
Posted: 2015-05-30 03:36   » Email
Hi Mikey, hi everybody at the camp

is there any news concerning whatever?
Or just even some kind of vital sign?
Hope you are just sleeping and not dead!!!

Itīs me! One of your staff, your fans!
We urgently need to know if you are still alive!

Mike: tell us something about the new record, about Daveīs constitution, about your plans for live appearances in the near future, about Neilīs band project, about music anyway!!!

Weīre hungry! We need input! Weīre missing you! Weīre family!!!

Otherwise i am forced to spam you with my musical career...

...Okay: currently i am taking part in a musical competition of my home town writing a song for our 875 years anniversary... bla bla bla...
...and my father tries to help me releasing a record using his connections to german superstar Peter Maffay (his keyboarder is my brother in law - havenīt seen him for 25 years - before he lived at my parentīs home and went to schiool at my hometown - now heīs got a Hacienda at Gozo / Malta after leaving Mallorca)

Brothers, make that one big deal after all and tell me you made it to the top. That is what you guys deserve!! That is the day i am waiting for. And then i am looking forward to your invitation and we can sit at Alcudia Bay and have a very large pint of beer and i can tell you:
... isnīt it what iīve always told you? You or me?

In case i will make it you will be my first guests having an extraordinary party with a seaside view youīll never forget...
...just let us dream. I am with you, my friends.

Otherwise a little sign of life would help over this dark times of uncertenty. Laughing

In hope to hear something from my favorite music friends i am waiting in the darkness of a diabolic tunel, yeah...

Love you all guys,
your Space Dog, a.k.a Doc Mason or UR

PS: the link below doesnīt lead to the music i am usually composing, but this song i wrote for my hometown (YouTube). This one is written exactly for the old aged Barmstedt-crowd to have a chance of winning and earning some respect and money. The young ones and the rock fans will hate it, although it has got very local, anthem like and funny lyrics you may not understand (it is bloody german). My favorite is the guitar solo at the end when a very melodic background choir and the final chorus unite with the guitar... so that is just my opinion. My main project music has got nothing to do with that. That is something between IN FLAMES, TORY AMOS and PINK FLOYD... and sometimes it might be just brilliant produced bullshit i am afraid, harhar... kidding.
...sorry, hope you donīt mind.
NP: UR - Eisenwelt
demon drummer
383 posts
Reg: 6/3-11
Posted: 2015-06-01 08:37
Hi spacedog hope you are well mate things are happening in the demon camp and I have to say mr hill is in fine form, I cant give too much away yet but its very exciting .As regards gigs we have a festival in Germany early next year to look forward to not sure how far away you are from it ,but it would be great to see you again.Mine and pauls new band LAWLESS is gathering momentum picking up new fans and allowing us to play some great festivals and gigs in the uk whilst spreading the demon word around at the same time so its helping both bands...We would love to play in Germany in the near future however gigs are getting less and less with more bands chasing fewer spots ,we have some supports in the uk to y and t which for me is an honour as they are my favourite band..

ps like the track you've done ...

speak soon mate regards neil

Space Dog
198 posts
Age: 53 years
Reg: 3/5-06
Posted: 2015-06-01 09:28   » Email
Hi Neil,

sounds good what youīre doing. Y & T: thatīs not too bad.
Maybe you can play an allied gig in Germany one time, Lawless and Demon together. Hope you can manage playing drums 3 hours non stop Laughing

Just keep us informed about all your dates and venues in the future so that we can plan a visit in time.

Space Dog
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