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Demon forum / Demon and Childhood's End
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Bellmawr, NJ
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Posted: 2015-12-23 00:09   » Email
I don't know if anybody on the other side of the pond is able to get the SyFy channel, but if so I watched a great series called Childhood's End. It was written by Arthur C. Clarke. I thought a lot of Demon concepts came up through the movie in many ways. They connected the paranormal (unexpected Guest) material with visitors or guardians from other worlds. Dave has mentioned in a lot of his songs about peace on earth or being able to travel with or experience extraterrestrials. A lot of lyrics from Spaced out Monkey and Better the Devil come to mind (Where your coming from, Warriors, Dreamtime, Never saw it coming, Standing on the edge etc). Has anyone seen this series or read the book, Do some of the lyrics go in that direction. Like to hear your thoughts, or let me know if I am way off. Cheers, Steve
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