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Demon forum / limehouse lizzy
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Reg: 10/11-12
Posted: 2016-02-06 10:54
what has lizzy to do with demon, you may ask . recently i saw limehoue lizzy and paul fasker johnson was stand in bassist,singer. He did a sterlig job,and you could tell he gave it is all.
demon drummer
383 posts
Reg: 6/3-11
Posted: 2016-02-16 08:07
the guitar player tim read was also in demon

Space Dog
198 posts
Age: 53 years
Reg: 3/5-06
Posted: 2016-02-16 21:53   » Email
Hi Neil,

do you have any contact to Tim?
Once when i visited your Hamburg gig Mike invited me to your backstage room where i had the opportunity to talk to Tim for a longer time. There he promised me to stay with Demon to the end of days... hahaha...
My intention was to keep the "young John Sykes" in the band, because simply his appearance (i am sure) would have helped Demon to climb the next step (25 years too late, but at least it would work). Tim could have been the late opener to big business, because he made a good job and he had a "young spirit" and looked like a superstar in metal business. Anyway... lot of talking. nothing new...

If you see him just give him my best regards. He had been my "Demon-future". I am missing him...
Wish there would be a "new age" Demon (after Mel Spooner) with him...

your Space Dog

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