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Space Dog
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Posted: 2018-05-09 19:37   » Email
Hello my dear friends,

i am very sad to tell you that my best friend and a great demon supporter and fan from the very early beginning passed away last thursday. His name was Robert and i introduced him to Dave a few years ago when Demon played at the Headbangers Ballroom in Hamburg. Dave told him that he has got a son named Robert too.
My friend Robert was an old school rock and metal fan and a constant annual visitor of the Wacken Open Air and of course of the Headbangers Open Air where we met the Demon crew several times.
Together we were sent to school at the age of 6 and we never left each other out of sight since then. We spent round about 10 to 12 holiday journeys together, travelling the whole world, had a lot of undescribable experience, bizzare situations, lucky and sad seasons together. More than enough to write a couple of books about it.

I only wanted to tell you that we have lost one more of the good guys out of amongst our middle.

These are very sad times...

Sincerely yours
Space Dog
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