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Demon forum / Will the 2002 Breakout be available on CD again?
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Reg: 24/3-10
Posted: 2010-03-24 00:24
Just wanted to pop the question, since it's almost impossible to get my hands on the 2002 rerelease - which is a shame, because I#ve just recently heard the song "Tonight" - and now I need to have it, even if it means buying Breakout for the 3rd time (already have the vinyl and the Semaphore CD) Very Happy !!!

Or, has the idea ever been brought up to release a sort of "Odds'n'Sodds", with all the single versions/remixes, the two songs from the tribute album, the "Emerald" cover and maybe even some stuff we haven't even heard yet (if it exists)?

Not asking much for a newbie, I know... Embarassed
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Stoke On Trent
366 posts
Reg: 18/2-06
Posted: 2010-04-04 17:30   » Email
There's a BREAKOUT on EBAY at the moment, not sure when we will have them back in STOCK, here's the link. 2 days to go


746 posts
Reg: 5/5-06
Posted: 2010-04-07 08:37
Yeah, he seems to have a stock of them actually, as well as BSA.

Any news of a new album Mike?

Also, how does one obtain a copy of Dave's solo album these days?? Any chance that could be re-mastered and re-released???

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