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[137]  2001-07-24  22:20:59
Name: » Tommy Sunbreek     From: Öckerö-Sweden
Website: » non
Hello all Demon fans,cant hardly wait for "spaced out monkey"to put on my cd.Mr:Hill,I hope you got some big DEMON stuff for me. DEMON & MAN.UNITED KICKS ASS.

[136]  2001-07-19  17:27:27
Name: » T.J. Johansen     From: NORWAY
Hi there,

Was very disappointed this spring when the gig in Oslo was cancelled. Then I went to Sweden Rock Festival with my girlfriend and found out that Demon was to play a short set in the tent. By pure chance I got to meet and bulls**t with the band earlier in the day, and then see the boys in action later that night. Look forward to when you make it to Oslo for a show, you are most welcome!

[135]  2001-07-18  14:57:22
Name: » Kevin Deegan     From: Kidsgrove
This message is for KC if you need to contact me about the abuse my E-MAIL address is G0UDG@YAHOO.COM & Please accept my sincere appologies.

[134]  2001-07-18  14:44:03
Name: » Kevin Deegan     From: Kidsgrove Stoke-On-Trent
Greetings from the madhouse in Kidsgrove,& many thanks to the band for an unforgetable night in crew on 24th april this year.

It was great to meet you all & despite some peoples opinions the gig was ace,I look mforward to seeing the DEMON live again soon & also hearing the new album.

My appologies go to KC for the insulting coments left on the message board in my name,I can assure you these did not come from myself,however I have now acsertained who the culprit is & am in the process of taking steps to prevent this happening again.

Keep on rocking & writting your great reviews & messages on this site Kc I think there great.All the best to all in the Demon camp from the real G0UDG.

[133]  2001-07-15  22:05:24
Name: » Mark Kennedy     From: Burton-on-Trent
Hello all Demon fans and hello to the band themselves.Demon have been one of my favourite bands for a good ten years now and I know the new album won't be a let down (unlike recent Priest material).I know you guys will produce a great album and I hope to see you on tour again.I take it you haven't booked the N.E.C. Arena as your midland venue (ha ha ,If only hey?).
'Hold on to the Dream' ,

A dedicated fan.

[132]  2001-07-12  09:42:06
Name: » Hannah     From: England
Hi Guys. Glad u had a good time. I'll be looking 4ward 2 the next gig.
C u soon. =)

[131]  2001-07-11  04:07:18
HI MY FRIENDS ..ITS A LONG TIME THAT I HAVE LISTEN TO ALBUMS OF YOURS I GEUSS THE LAST ONE WHASS ANTHOLOGY I STILL IN THE HARD ROCK MUSIC TILL PRESENT DAY BUT I FOLLOWED SUCH OTHER BANDS LIKE pink cream 69 .harlan cage ,forune etc... but i have still respect for the albums night of the demon the circle , the plageu and anthologie ,britich standard a prooved,heart of our time ..i hope you come back witch such a succes of one of these cd,s a biiig fan since 1981 gunther

[130]  2001-07-10  13:33:19
Name: » TOM     From: GERMANY
Hi Dave and the other Demon guys!

It was nice to meet You in Sweden !!!

I`m looking forward to Your new CD and hope to See You soon on tour here in Germany!

Best Wishes !


[129]  2001-07-09  01:22:45
Name: » wade     From: the midwest united states
was very impressed by the cool we site ,thanks for the cool image for my desktop,
ive been a fan from the beginning, but had trouble finding albums after the plague in the local record stoes . now that i got the net i found acces to all ,its great and thanks so musch for the ispiration in the great music of demon

Take care all ...RUN FREEE....

[128]  2001-07-03  20:29:46
Name: J. West     From: Stockholm
Hi there guys! Great gig you did at this years Sweden Rock Festival! I really hope you´ll be back with a full show next year which you (Dave) promised. Right now I can hardly wait to lay my hands on your upcoming releases, both the old remastered ones and the new one.
Now don´t forget about Sweden Rock 2002...

[127]  2001-07-02  19:16:09
Name: » Christ (Painkiller Horde)     From: SWEDEN
Website: » Painkiller Horde
Some of you might remember me! I'm a big DEMON fan and so are many others from our little metal gang the Painkiller Horde, from Sweden. Well, check out my website, under the section "Painkiller Metal". That's my metal news page and there is some HEAVY Demon promotion there! Hehehe, you'll love it! Keep rocking!

[126]  2001-07-02  16:30:04
Name: Anneli     From: Sweden
Hey..great gig ya did at swedenrock!! Come back next year :o)

[125]  2001-07-01  19:08:01
Name: » anonymous     From: =============================
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[124]  2001-06-29  00:45:33
Name: » Juha Hietasaari     From: Sweden
Hey there!
Great to (see)/hear you again in the Sweden Rock Festival!
You are the greatest!!


[123]  2001-06-26  10:41:57
Name: » micke     From: sweden
Website: » www.debase.as
hallo take a look at www.debase.as they have just relesed their second album domination for more ditails take a lok at the site.

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