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[125]  2001-07-01  19:08:01
Name: » anonymous     From: =============================
<h3>Mensagem (qualquer uma)<xmp><plaintext>

[124]  2001-06-29  00:45:33
Name: » Juha Hietasaari     From: Sweden
Hey there!
Great to (see)/hear you again in the Sweden Rock Festival!
You are the greatest!!


[123]  2001-06-26  10:41:57
Name: » micke     From: sweden
Website: » www.debase.as
hallo take a look at www.debase.as they have just relesed their second album domination for more ditails take a lok at the site.

[122]  2001-06-26  09:04:26
Name: » Tomppa     From: FINLAND
Website: » ENERCHY

[121]  2001-06-23  16:23:18
Name: Bisse     From: Sweden Rock
Hey Big boyz.
Hope you got back to the hotel in one piece from the venue. I know that Sasse ain´t that god of a driver, well not like me that is. hope to see you next year....

[120]  2001-06-23  03:04:22
Name: » Adam Potts     From: UK,Alsager
Hi Mike just here to say that the new album is amazing and that i'm one of the lucky people to hear the new demon album and that i think demon are a top class band and should get attention that they should of got years ago well talk to u in ur shop whenever i'm in next and a big hello to the band as well bye.

[119]  2001-06-22  14:08:47
Name: » Metal Maniac     From: Sweden
Website: » Cachtice
Visit the site above for MP3s from Swedens premiere Crack Metal band!!!


[118]  2001-06-16  19:54:53
Name: » Hasse     From: Sweden Rock Festival
Hey you guys!!

Here's a little message in a bottle from the crazy guy who took the bunch of you to STURUP Airport after the Sweden Rock Festival.

Hope you're all ok and that everything is running smooth. Now that you've got my e-mail perhaps you could keep me up to date if you're coming to Sweden again so I get to meet you guys...:-)

By the way.....the head of the drivers...Sasse...perhaps you remember him....he's throwing this big party in Gothenburg on the 7th of July...he said he would invite you guys....would be nice to see you again....

Well...take care now you hear...:-)


/Hasse "DriverMan" Blomkvist

[117]  2001-06-16  19:50:29
Name: Mike Stone     From: Maria from Sweden
Nice site you have here!

[116]  2001-06-15  21:49:58
Name: R J     From: LIVERPOOL

[115]  2001-06-15  01:37:58
Name: K.C.     From: L.A.,CA.(U.S.A.)
Greetings! & Cheers! To all D E M O N fan-atics around the world.I'm calling out to all the American fans here in the States to help promote this great band especially now that they've got a new release coming out(Aug.27th). Let all the music stores & rock radio stations know about "Spaced-Out Monkey"(title of the new cd).Let 'em know they need to stock it & play it(alot!)It's up to you AMERICA! By the way,this is an invite to all to leave a message on the board & let us know your DEMON story(ie:1st time you heard them;fave song/cd,etc.) Take care all! Remember,DEMON's not just a band;they're Family!

[114]  2001-06-14  22:20:30
Name: » Sasse     From: Gothenburg
Thanks for the T-shirt guys.
Hope you got home safe with the crazy Hans behind the wheels,see you next year

[113]  2001-06-13  17:51:09
Name: Defender Of The Faith
The new JUDAS PRIEST album "Demolition" which will be released in July, has major NU-METAL influences! Sometimes the vocals sound like Marilyn Manson and sometimes Pantera. I have heard the whole new album and it SUCKS! Do not support this new Judas Priest (featuring Ripper Owens) by not buying the new album! Halford is the true God of Metal, and until they realize this and take back Halford, the new Judas Priest must die!!!

PS: DEMON RULES and the new album will be way better than Judas Priest's.

[112]  2001-06-12  14:00:40
Name: » russel     From: Örebro
Website: » W.O.S
So could you all Sweden Rock Festival people write down at the messegeboard what you liked the Fredie Show at Rockklassikertältet???

[111]  2001-06-11  11:40:12
Name: » Magnus Florin     From: Jönköping, Sweden
Website: » John Doe Goes Public
YES!!.... thanks for the appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival. Maybe on one of the stages next year? Hope so! "Night of the Demon" was about the tear the tent down as it seemed. Thanks!

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