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[1142]  2014-03-12  23:50:48
Name: » Dennis Waybrant     From: Michigan, USA
Website: » Waybrant's Digital Media
KICK ASS band!! Picked up on Demon while stationed in Germany back in 1981. Still jam the music today. Love the tune "Liar".

[1141]  2014-03-04  17:45:45
Name: » Pip parker     From: Chapel-en-le-Frith England
I've bin a DEMON fan since 1981 night of the demon LP
Got Unbroken CD and think its brilliant can't stop playing DEMON now.
I was at the Winking Man gig (2013) only 8 miles from me so very handy.
Can't wait for new material please don't be to long and more gigs
(Winking Man Please)

[1140]  2014-01-02  22:48:53
Name: BCJRADIO 2.0     From: France
Website: » BCJRADIO 2.0
Happy new year to you all !
Listen to BCJRADIO 2.0 a progrock webradio where some Demon's songs are broadcasted !

Thanks for the support


[1139]  2013-12-13  08:37:37
Name: Swedem     From: Sweden
Hi !
New here !
Stupidly enough i found out that Demon had 3 shows here in Sweden this year !
And i missed it all !
When will you come to Sweden again ?
Are you touring 2014 ?
My heroes growing up !
I want to hear you now, as i am very curious !
Thanks !

[1138]  2013-09-25  06:31:12
Name: » Christian     From: Sweden
I have the SUPER RARE Night of the Demon/The Unexpected guest on ZYX Metallic CD 1003 for SALE if someone is interessed its signed by Dave and Andy.
Mail me at c.mansson@hotmail.com and give me an offer !!

[1137]  2013-07-28  20:09:47
Name: » Helm     From: Cologne,Germany
Hey guys,

saw you guys perfom at the Headbangers Open Air a few days ago. Rekindled my love for music which had been dwindling down to mere interest.
Awesome performance, so much energy, love and passion from the band and the crowd.
And awesome music.

Thank you, alot, I am in your debt.

[1136]  2013-07-22  00:45:30
Name: » Jarvis Leatherby     From: Night Demon
Website: » Official Site of Night Demon
Hey Guys!
Holy Shit!!!!! I am the singer of the band "Night Demon". I was doing a Google search one day looking for some reviews on my band, and I discovered you guys! How did I never hear of your band?!!!! Instant fan over here! I've bought most of your records since then, and continue to listen often! Hopefully I will get to see you perform someday. Hell, maybe even share the bill with you!!! Thanks for the music and inspiration!

Jarvis Leatherby,
Night Demon

[1135]  2013-06-28  12:39:14
Name: » Johan Wuyckens     From: Belgium
Website: » Foob, the Interface Mercenary
Hi guys. I saw you performing at the R-Mine Festival a week ago. I enjoyed it very much as you played most of the songs I hoped you'd play, and even more so because you played quite a lot of material from 'The Plague' which is one of my all time favourite classic albums, as proven by my review here:
I also took the opportunity to buy the T-shirt (looks cool) and the new CD. I especially enjoy 'Unbroken' and 'Take me to your leader'.

[1134]  2013-04-09  20:32:23
Name: Paul Jack     From: Rock Hard Reviews
Website: » Rock Hard Reviews
Wish I'd found your website years ago; just came across it last week whilst working on a retro piece about Night of the Demon for Rock Hard Reviews and am thrilled to see you have a new album out. Am looking forward to checking out Unbroken! Hold onto the dream guys!

[1133]  2013-03-30  02:03:32
Name: » Johnny     From: Ume, Sweden
The music has aged very well and Night of the Demon and The Unexpected Guest are true gems from the era. I bought these two records in the early 80s and just rediscoverd them - awesome. Cheers to Dave & Co!

[1132]  2013-03-09  22:02:14
Name: Johan Hll
jek wrote 2013-01-31 21:31:31:
Yesterday listened to The Plague to evoke memories.. so I had a look at the webpage and saw a new Demon is out! (Ok, new for me:-) And a real one .. not to metalish but still enough - somehow the soul of what Ive always loved when listening Demon - great. That made my day plus some others. Thanx a bunch, guys.


[1131]  2013-03-03  18:19:09
Name: » Peter Eriksson     From: Peter Eriksson, Sweden
Website: » Site of the Demon, the official demon site
Thanks for a great concert yesterday in Sala and it was a pleasure to meet the band afterwards.

[1130]  2013-03-03  14:23:24
Name: Roger Johansson     From: Sweden
Thanks for a great gig in Sala yesterday!!!

[1129]  2013-03-01  22:40:25
Name: » Anders Tallbom     From: Sweden
I can't thank you enough for publishing the albums at Spotify. And the fact you're entering the awesome SWEDEN ROCK arena, well, that just made my year, if not more. See you there!!

THANK you for being one of the greatest bands that formed me musically. Humble greetings to all of you, and I see you at Solvesborg this spring!!


[1128]  2013-03-01  12:53:59
Name: Jens Rosbladh
Website: » http://www.abacuslive.se
See U guys at Zaragon Rock Club tonight, lets kick ass tonight!

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