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[974]  2009-09-05  16:54:55
Name: » Caroline     From: Brisbane
Anyone know where Chris Ellis is?

[973]  2009-08-20  10:00:02
Name: » Max Schreck     From: Germany
DEMON must play on the Cult ROCKHARD Festival at the Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen/Germany 2010, because this Festival is Cult and DEMON is Cult too and the 30th Birthday is the right time to do that.

Hope to see you there next year !!!

Your Fans awaits you there !!!

[972]  2009-08-20  08:34:23
Name: Jaan     From: Germany
Hope you`re going to play a few more shows in Germany next year before or after the KIT festival.

[971]  2009-08-14  22:21:36
Name: Don.... 'Jeff's mate     From: Talke
Come on boys, how about some British dates soon.

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[969]  2009-07-11  09:09:45
Name: » Eduardo Moralejo     From: Segovia Spain
A ver si venis a Madrid, que estoy deseando one helluva night :)

[968]  2009-06-25  19:14:06
Name: » David     From: Sweden
I loved you at srf. I really want to learn some of your songs I´m an guitarist so could you send me some tabs or something. you were one of the greatest bands on srf this year and i hope you come back there soon.

[967]  2009-06-13  12:17:26
Name: » Peter     From: Sweden
Hear you at Sweden Rock and you where the best,hope you come back.

[966]  2009-06-11  01:57:59
Name: » Sacha     From: Sweden
Website: » Slave To Rage's Myspace (Tribute to R.A.T.M)
Thanx for another brilliant performance at SRF.
I remember the first one (for me) in 2003, with the costume and everything.
Gonna put up a compilation of bits n pieces from this years appearance at Sweden Rock Festival at YOUTUBE soon to spread the word to our younger ones around the world.

KEEP IT UP - awaiting the next time I can see you...

[965]  2009-06-10  12:51:32
Name: » Lars Hultman     From: Gnosjö Sweden
Thanks guys for one helluva gig . DEMON the best band on Sweden Rock Festival.

[964]  2009-06-06  21:41:03
Name: » dodge     From: west midlands
the mighty DEMON comin back 2 the midlands ,been waiting years 4 this ,been listinng 2 dave and the guys 4 years cant wait my mate is gettin tickets better not let me down....or his time has come! ...all u metal heads get tickets and see one of the best metal bands ever....

[963]  2009-05-25  23:44:29
Name: » Anders     From: London (north Sweden originally)
Website: » Metal Covenant
I am also really looking forward to your gig at Sweden Rock, have never seen the band, missed Sweden Rock in 2003 when you played.
Feel free to check out the webzine I'm writing for, Metal Covenant. You can find previous coverage from the wonderful festival that is Sweden Rock. I will probably review the Demon performance myself, see you there!

[962]  2009-05-12  18:38:11
Name: » ange     From: Leek, staffordshire moorlands
heard of you yet only just listened to clips of your songs, absolutely love the work and hope to try and get over to see you on 29th may at leek arts festival!!! if there are ever any other dates, feel free to email me them as i can get some good friends over from yorkshire to join me!

[961]  2009-05-12  12:44:59
Name: Scott Malyon     From: Scotland
Jan Eirik Smedvik wrote 2009-04-19 02:05:12:
I am SO looking forward to this year's Sweden Rock Festival!
You're the main reason I'm coming. Have to drive 4000km, but who cares? And please, please, play THE GRAND ILLUSION.
One of the best tracks in history...!
But I'll love you guys whatever you play.
See you in Sweden:-)

Same here. It's the main reason I'm going to the Sweden Rock Festival. Cant believe you are only getting an hour. I've been waiting about 20 years to see Demon!


[960]  2009-05-10  06:48:52
Name: » david l     From: Panama and now Washington DC
I was a huge fan and still am of demon since 1982. I brought the albums down to the country of Panama and turned on many friends to your music down there. I do not believe you have ever played in the US, but if you have I am sorry I missed it. I would love to see you live but I am not sure how I can arrange that since I am in DC now. You are such a great band and 27 years later I still have all your music on CDs and listen to it frequently. Thank for continuing to produce.

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