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[960]  2009-05-10  06:48:52
Name: » david l     From: Panama and now Washington DC
I was a huge fan and still am of demon since 1982. I brought the albums down to the country of Panama and turned on many friends to your music down there. I do not believe you have ever played in the US, but if you have I am sorry I missed it. I would love to see you live but I am not sure how I can arrange that since I am in DC now. You are such a great band and 27 years later I still have all your music on CDs and listen to it frequently. Thank for continuing to produce.

[959]  2009-05-01  17:02:13
Name: » Robbi     From: Germany, Bavaria
Dave, your appearance at the NWOBHM-Anniversary-Party at the "Keep It True"-Festival was awsome, like the whole special-show. I´m really looking forward to the anniversary-gig of you next year!!! Bang On, you crazy maniacs!!!!

[958]  2009-04-19  02:05:12
Name: » Jan Eirik Smedvik     From: Norway
I am SO looking forward to this year's Sweden Rock Festival!
You're the main reason I'm coming. Have to drive 4000km, but who cares? And please, please, play THE GRAND ILLUSION.
One of the best tracks in history...!
But I'll love you guys whatever you play.
See you in Sweden:-)

[957]  2009-04-09  22:39:46
Name: » drew100     From: carmarthen, wales, uk
Listening to Night of the Demon (on CD) for the first time since the 1980s when I bought the LP in the Black Country. Demon........thank you for the music.

[956]  2009-04-05  18:41:28
Name: » george     From: athens greece
i think you played a good show,but next time i hope you will play in a biger and better venue,because you are rock history and you deserve more.we love you and thank you.

[955]  2009-03-03  18:20:42
Name: » Ale     From: Savona - Italy
Ciao! Siete la miglior metal band in circolazione!. Vi conosco dal 1982 quando ho acquistato per caso "The unexpected guest". Sono passati un po' di anni, ed ora ho tutti i vostri cd e lp originali, perché da buon collezionista, non me li sono fatti mancare anche perché in Italia non si trovano facilmente. Mi fa veramente piacere scrivervi queste due righe perché siete la mia miglior band metal in assoluto! Siete forti, continuate così. Ciao!!!!

[954]  2009-01-18  19:30:47
Name: » Craig     From: Bournemouth
I so want to see you guys play live.
You have got to be able to get on the bill at DOWNLOAD2009 somehow - there will be so many people my age there who still remember the 80's! Saxon absolutely filled the tent to breaking point in 2008 and they are not in the same league as the mighty Demon!

DOWNLOAD - go there, and they will come.

[953]  2008-12-19  12:15:32
Name: DARK LORD of G.     From: Germany
Website: » http://www.myspace.com/darklordofg
Don´t let the circle break !!!

DEMON is god !!!

[952]  2008-12-17  18:57:57
Name: » Matt Taylor     From: Macclesfield near Stoke
I only heard of Demon a month or two ago but in that time i have become a good fan but too late it seems no live gigs to speak of. I would of missed out on the golden 80's being born in the 90's but it's a shame. you win some you lose some. Hoping you do play live soon close to home Matt.

[951]  2008-12-13  17:44:43
Name: » Jean Michel     From: France Bordeaux ( Good Wine )
Demon a very Good Metal Band !!!!!!


[950]  2008-12-11  21:55:56
Name: » John Whitehouse     From: Gretna (originally Burslem, Stoke On Trent
Hi Dave and the band, I used to attend early Demon gigs in the early eighties, watching Dave, the late Mr Spooner, Les Hunt etc at gigs in Burslem on Waterloo Road, Leek football ground, a gig in Birkenhead where I helped with merchandise as I did when you went to The Marquee in London I used to follow you guys with my wooden cross, dont know if Dave will remember me for the cross but you guys were fab then and good to know you still out there banging out those tunes. Any future tour dates would be good to see you on the road again.

[949]  2008-12-02  14:01:59
Name: » Oscar Mendoza     From: Caracas - Venezuela


[948]  2008-11-29  16:58:43
Name: » Mick     From: lichfield
Hi Guys,
Any news on your next tour dates. Saw you at the Robin in Bilston In 2007 and was blown away! What a brill concert!


[947]  2008-11-28  20:52:28
Name: Satan himself     From: Below
Website: » Heavy Hell
Just dropped by to say that there are some nice pictures from the Demon gig at the Sweden Rock boat at HeavyHell.com

[946]  2008-11-03  17:05:10
Name: Gro Blondinos Mc     From: Haugesund
Website: » Blondinos Mc
Hello c",)
Hope to see you soon in concert, your Posters is still hanging on our wall at Tønnefabrikken c",) Stay safe and party on, love from all the girls in Blondinos Mc...

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