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[947]  2008-11-28  20:52:28
Name: Satan himself     From: Below
Website: » Heavy Hell
Just dropped by to say that there are some nice pictures from the Demon gig at the Sweden Rock boat at HeavyHell.com

[946]  2008-11-03  17:05:10
Name: Gro Blondinos Mc     From: Haugesund
Website: » Blondinos Mc
Hello c",)
Hope to see you soon in concert, your Posters is still hanging on our wall at Tшnnefabrikken c",) Stay safe and party on, love from all the girls in Blondinos Mc...

[945]  2008-10-22  14:01:27
Name: » Anders Modd     From: Wolf
Website: » http://www.myspace.com/wolfheavymetal
Hi guys!

Nice to see that youre back on track again!!!

Keep Rocking! Youґre the best!

[944]  2008-10-19  23:16:35
Name: » Kenneth     From: haugesud
Hello good people!!hope the consert last night was amazing,I should have been there!next time i'm ready to rock!!!hope there will be more concert!!!!rock on!!!!!!!!


[943]  2008-10-13  10:11:20
Name: Mr Isis
You were AMAZING when you played at swedenrock on the boat. You are the Best

[942]  2008-10-10  20:27:28
Name: Klingan     From: Sweden
Hi...hope u want to come to Sala in Sweden and play at Rockland...i know many want to se u there!

It would be great!!!!

Greetings Klingan.

[941]  2008-10-03  13:51:10
Name: » Rickard Nordstrцm     From: Sweden
Take me through the "Gates of Hell" then you sink the ferry in the Baltic sea.Bring some fuckin merch to the boat please.I hope you guys gonna love it.Welcome To Sweden again.

[940]  2008-09-24  15:56:16
Name: Nice-boy?     From: Sweden
Please play in Sala (Sweden)!!!!!!!

[939]  2008-09-24  05:35:12
Name: » EVIL-PHIL     From: STOKE ON TRENT staffs
hi to dave and the gang.hope all is well and rocken im kevs your guy who dose your dvds.mate.just letting you guys know that there are still some fans from the days when you played your gigs on a 40foot trailer at leek football ground.still around.i miss the mask thats the DEMON i know.enjoyed the night at the winken man leek .keep up the good work ladds us stoke on trent fans are proud of you.i were your tshirt with pride.just before i go a quick hello to mike stone.ok guy in my book.good luck you guys evil

[938]  2008-09-16  11:19:17
Name: Marko     From: Dresden / Germany

listening to the "Breakout" album right now, I was remembering the gig that you've played last October for a few fellowers in Berlin / Germany. It was amazing to see you rock the stage live. It would be great to see you all again playing heavy music and have a drink or two.

Until then, all the best wishes for you and keep on rockin! \m/


[937]  2008-08-12  15:35:29
Name: Robin     From: France
Hi Demon,

I love your music and sincerely you are one of my favourite metal bands.

When could I see you in France ? Are you going to release a new record ?

Goodbye and keep on rockin' !

[936]  2008-07-20  00:04:32
Name: Kinda
Hi Guys.

Just want to say that many memories come back when I listen to Breakout album today. Love your music guys - keep on rocking and come to Sweden soon.

See you!!!!!


[935]  2008-07-01  04:34:00
Name: Nick Bond     From: Bridgewater NovaScotia Canada
Website: » Whom Gods Destroy official website
I am lead vocalist for a local band here called "Whom Gods Destroy. We are not big yet, but hopfully someday. I have just discovered you guys today on the web and i am wondering why the hell i haden't heard of you before. You guys kick ass! I listened to the samples of your songs and really enjoy them alot. I now plan to get into you guys music and buy the albums. I only wish i had found you guys 20 or more years ago. I have read on the internet that the rhythm guitarist from your first few albums who also co wrote those songs,past away way back in 1984. That is sad and by listening to your sound clips I would have to say he was a kick ass guitarist and writer. i can't seem to find out what was his cause of death. Anyway i already admire his playing, heavy and awesome!. Sorry i am so late to find you guys but better late than never. Keep Rockin DEMON!!!

[934]  2008-06-18  07:46:32
Name: » sergey     From: khabarovsk,russia
Хай,меломаны! Наш город стали посещать с концертами многие известные группы, только дождёмся ли мы DEMON? Хочется верить...

[933]  2008-04-14  04:58:14
Name: » alex     From: Komsomolsk-on-Amur
Привет, мужики!Давно хотел написать,но руки не доходили.Когда еще был пацаном в далеком 1982 году(when I was 16 in 1982), я впервые услышал Don`t break the circle,до сих пор это-моя любимейшая(one of the most favourite)композиция и я до сих пор являюсь Вфшим поклонником.Неиссякаемого богатства Вам в творчестве и удачи!(inexhaustible riches in Your creative work and GOOD LUCK!

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