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[932]  2008-04-08  15:36:50
Name: DJG     From: Norway
Just popped by to say hello and give my admiration to the band Demon! I discovered Demon by coincidense in a second hand record shop in Oslo 1982, and they had just got "The Unexpected Guest" in...brand new..but priced as a used item, I remember. It was bought superquick! Later I found "The Night of The Demon" and from then these vinyls were played 24/7 for a long time. It was really COOL songs, and we even covered a couple of trax in my band at that time, Napalm. I must admit that later "less heavy" records from Demon weren't that popular with us. But I'm having a second revelation with Demon these days, and there's much to catch up with. It's great that Demon is still on the road, after all these years. KEEP ON ROCKIN'!! Regards DJG

[931]  2008-04-02  20:08:52
Name: » eagle     From: sheffield
Website: » http://www.myspace.com/cryingeagleandthevestigesofhumanity
Just a message to a band that seriously blew me away all those years ago as a teenager when I got hold of a copy of the plague, an album which I have virtually worn out over the last twenty years, I have never got sick of hearing it. A rock band who clearly were intelligent and gifted enough to write stuff with a social conscience...that meant something..at a time when the scene was dominated by much cheesy commercial cock rock and hair metal. The late eighties was a barren time for these things, but you provided them. And a voice that sounded quite unique, you could tell Dave put everything into his music. I never heard British Standard Approved, so i will be trying to get a copy of that a soon as i can ( and the rest). Only ever saw the band once, sheffield students union refrectory and it was a great gig. Took me a long time to get on line and to remember to look em up. Good luck to Dave and all Demons' musicians past and present, i'm f**kin so glad to see you still out there, playing and going down a storm in Europe. Love n Respect, and cheers so much for all that truly amazing music.

[930]  2008-03-08  21:29:06
Name: » Alan Barrow     From: Magnum
Website: » Magnuim Online
Just passing by to say Hi.

Just listening to some of your tracks playing on the net. DAMN GOOD STUFF.

See you out n about soon guys. all the best Al Barrow.

[929]  2008-03-02  19:06:43
Name: Bernd     From: Germany
I love the progressive releases like "british standard approved" or "the plague". What are you thinking about a 5.1 multichannel remix on sacd or dvd-audio?
The 5.1 sound could be a great experience (for example "dark side of the moon" from pink floyd)

Keep on rockin'



[928]  2008-01-25  17:45:27
Name: Tyson 7     From: South Staffordshire

BUT NO GIGS....................!


[927]  2008-01-25  17:45:26
Name: Tyson 7     From: South Staffordshire

BUT NO GIGS....................!


[926]  2008-01-25  02:12:48
Name: EuroJR     From: Spain
Website: » http://www.tribunagol.com
Good new year for all of you.

Let's put some action to the message forum ok!

[925]  2008-01-11  23:53:19
Name: russel     From: Swed'n
you should join us in the forum:)


[924]  2008-01-11  19:34:25
Name: » Chris     From: Northampton, UK
Dave is a top top bloke...

ok i have story to tell ... going back 20 years ... its funny ... well i think so :o)

A friend of mine had put 'Unexpected Guest' on tape for me around '84 ... i was listening to Priest, Accept, Metallica, Marillion at the time ... Dont break the circle just blew me away ... and it was one of those rare albums where every track was great

I was busy building my Priest back catalogue at that time ... and with £1 a week pocket money, and saving half, it was 1 new LP every 3 months ... so the Demon collection didnt really grow as it should have

In '87 i got a job in a petrol station .. not a self service station .. i had to run out and serve every customer their petrol ...

One weekend a guy walks in wearing a Demon T-shirt .... i says 'Jeez, never thought I'd see another Demon fan' .....

Turns out it was Dave .... I still feel ashamed now ;)

It gets worse ... they were on the way to meet a radio DJ for an interview ... had broken down, and only pulled into the petrol station to wait for recovery (Right near Towcester Races ... hoping to jog your memory Dave hehe)... so we get chatting ....

'So whats your favorite album Chris?'

errrmmm ....

'Well to be honest i only have one ... and a mate taped it for me ... but it is AMAZING!'

'So which one Chris?'

'Cant remember the name ...... ' :o(

I should point out at this point though that having grown up on Priest, I had given up on Lyrics, track and album names years earlier ... no offence Rob ;o)

So Dave (and ... I guess it must have been Mal) listed off their album titles ... for what seemed like an hour ... until they finished off with Unexpected Guest ...

Until i had a look at their discography today, I honestly thought that by 1987 they had eleased 352 albums...

'No ... not that one, no, no, no, no, not that one either' ...

Imagine having that conversation today with any band member and they still taking the time to talk to you

But Dave went further than that, he gave me an autographed copy of their first single ... it was meant for the DJ they were on their way to see... and now wouldnt make it ... I still have it now ... and as you can probably tell ... it still brings me happy memories today

And the story doesnt end there.....

Anyone that remembers the late great Tommy Vance ... the Friday Rock Show on Radio 1 .. and the 'Lie Back and Enjoy it' Feature will probably like this...

6 months after i met Dave I sent in an entry to The friday Rock Show's 'Lie Back and Enjoy it' feature ... basically you named your 4 favorite tracks and Tommy played them for you on national radio 1 ... the only bad bit being you had to go on the phone and explain why you chose the songs you chose

I couldnt think of anything better than the nation hearing the best music around ... much better than the shit you were probably listening to at the time ;o) ... so i sent in an entry ...

You remember being a teenager and being in your bedroom and the phone goes? You hope its for you ... but your parents get it ..... the long drawn out footsteps to your door ... then Mum pops her head through the door and says 'Tommy Vance??????'

So i got to play my 4 fave tracks on Radio 1 in 1987 ... one happy man

Anyone that is interested the tracks were as follows:

1. Demon - Dont break the Circle
2. Y&T - Any time at all
3. Queensryche - Take hold of the flame
4. Priest - The Sentinel

It might seem a little strange me listing the tracks ... but things that happened to me were even stanger ... in around 2000, i got a job in a massive office of 4000 people running round fixing peoples pc's ... and y'know ... u get chatting ... i met a guy .... 15 years later ... that could remember the track listing, what i said, etc etc ...

I was like 'how do you remember all that????' ... 'i kept all the best shows on tape and still listen to them ... that was the best Lie Back and Enjoy it i heard' ....

kk ... so thats unusual... but i met another person who remembered too ... maybe people listening at the time think 'ooo he's local' and then remember it .... but i like to think it was the quality of the music :)

So why write this now? Because 25 years later i just bought my first legitimate copy of Unexpected Guest ... and im choked with lots of memories and how great it still sounds ... i will now be filling out my collection ... so im guessing Dave, that if you get 10p per sale i might just buy you a pint :)

God Bless you Dave ... you kept the most underrated metal band going with your belief and energy ... and you deserve so much respect for that

Thankyou for writing the music that gets all of us through the hard times

Chris :o)

[923]  2008-01-11  16:02:14
Name: » Vykurz burzt     From: RWANDA
Hello guys. Did you ever think about coming to Czech Republic??? I have been awaiting you for 50 years....

[922]  2007-12-19  19:38:03
Name: » Joakim     From: sweden
Massor av glada julhälsningar från sverige.

[921]  2007-12-15  19:35:05
Name: » Jerry     From: Corish, New Hampshire
I hears tell you boys is gud. Damn gud.... Well why don't you 'n yer demons come on over c'here an play us a ditty on yuer pretty GEE-tars!


[920]  2007-12-09  23:40:11
Name: » Stein     From: Haugesund
Website: » http://www.haugesund-mc.no
Hi guys!
Thanks for a weekend to remember in Sandnes and Haugesund! I was so busy working in the bar when you left, I didn't get to say goodbye. But I had a great time, and I hope you did too! Hope we'll meet again soon.
\m/ Salute! \m/

(PS! David C. : mind your rævskjegg! )

[919]  2007-12-05  20:48:17
Name: » Renate     From: Norway, Haugesund
A big hello from the tall blond girl from Haugesund !!!
You rock !!!! ;o)

[918]  2007-12-05  20:44:17
Name: kenneth     From: haugesund
hello!thank you for a hellova weekend and all the choclate you guys hide in my appartment.I find it everywere!!!:-)
I have talk to many of the people who were at the consert,everybody loved it and hope you guys come back sometimes!!I've got a cd with pictures I will send over to you!hope I see you soon!!!!!

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