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[917]  2007-12-03  11:00:52
Name: Arni     From: Stavanger, NORWAY
Website: » Desspos Hall Of Metal
Hi folks, and thank you for a night to remember at Tribute last friday. It is probably the best night we (Hellhole) have ever had there, awsome!!Hope your gig in Haugesund went as well as it did at Tribute and that Gammel Dansk and Norwegian Christmas beer didn`t get to hard on you:) (I know it did to me..hehe:)) Keep it alive and best luck in future from Hellhole!!!

[916]  2007-12-02  10:28:55
Name: » Kassi     From: Germany

Great New Web-Site Layout !!!

I Love This Plague !!!


[915]  2007-11-30  23:32:11
Name: » r1ckmaiden     From: Portugal, Lisbon
Website: » HeavymetalPT
Hail DEMON!!! Best wishes from Portugal!!!

[914]  2007-11-26  19:40:14
Name: » Arni     From: Stavanger Norway
Website: » Desspos Hall Of Metal
Hey you crazy Demons:) Looking forward to meet you in Sandnes at friday! You will rock the shit out the vikings over here. NWOBHM for president......yeahhh!! Some of Desspos members have started this side project called HELLHOLE and it is this project that will do support for you guys! This is our first show with the project, so lets make it a hell of a night!!!

[913]  2007-11-22  14:23:14
Name: » Tom     From: Germany
Website: » rock-pcitures.de

I saw you at the Rock-Fabrik Ludwigsburg and I really enjoyed the show. On www.rock-pictures.de you find some pictures I took of you.

See you, Tom


[912]  2007-11-18  21:03:22
Name: » mick     From: staffordshire
Hi Guys,
We need more Midlands dates. The show you did back in April 2007 supporting Diamond Head at the Robin in Bilston was one of the best shows I have ever seen in 30 years of going to concerts.
Surely, this cannot be your farewell tour. I hope not.
Keep rocking guys!

Look forward to catching you live soon


[911]  2007-11-12  00:25:47
Name: » Frank     From: Germany
Website: » Duennhaupt Concert Photography
Hi guys,
on my website you can find pictures from the gig at Firefest IV. It was brilliant. Here is the link:




[910]  2007-11-09  04:41:46
Name: » Thomasino     From: Lees Summit, Missouri
You guys fucking ROCK! dont know what else to say...

[909]  2007-11-07  07:45:00
Name: » mix     From: Sweden

[908]  2007-10-29  20:49:58
Name: Andy.
Came up to Nottingham on Friday from Bristol to see Demon and enjoyed the night very much , I was a bit gutted about the set length but meeting Dave and getting a photo with him made up for it , cheers Demon.

[907]  2007-10-27  23:34:55
Name: Jürgen     From: Germany
Oh God... "Don't Break The Circle" was one of the very first heavy metal songs i taped from radio as a kid. Now, 25 years later, i finally braced myself up for the first time to see you guys live. Thanx for all those great songs in Frankfurt (a little sad The Plague hadn't been among them ;-)

[906]  2007-10-27  13:06:12
Name: Aljoscha     From: Frankfurt
Thank you guys for the great Frankfurt show! Don't let this one be your "Farewell Tour" simply 'cause the world needs a quality-band like DEMON!

[905]  2007-10-26  09:20:55
Name: » Marco     From: Germany
Was a Helluva show last night in Frankfurt guys, thanks for that "remembrance day" - but you HAVE to carry on !! As Dave implied in a talk, there´s still a chance for the band !? Make it real and keep on rockin´, we need DEMON for 10 more years, at least :-) As long as there´s Germany there´ll be also a future for the band...PLAY IT LOUD FOREVER...

[904]  2007-10-25  21:38:19
Name: » Fabio     From: Italy
Hi guys, I'm finally back from Germany.

The gig in Augsburg was great (Dave had a cold, but it didn't affect his performance) and reaction from the german crowd was fantastic. Definitely worth the trip!

I also wanna thank all the guys in the band, especially Dave, for spending some time to have a chat with me before the gig. I had a great time and it was a pleasure to discover you are so nice and down to earth people, it makes your music all the more enjoyable.
It is a night I will never forget.

Hold on to the dream!


[903]  2007-10-24  22:56:18
Name: » Giuseppe     From: Lots of places
Website: » originalprisoner
Caught you all in Bonn, my ears are still ringing. Quality night just make sure its not really your farewell tour. Keep Rocking and play it Loud!!!!!

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