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[913]  2007-11-22  14:23:14
Name: » Tom     From: Germany
Website: » rock-pcitures.de

I saw you at the Rock-Fabrik Ludwigsburg and I really enjoyed the show. On www.rock-pictures.de you find some pictures I took of you.

See you, Tom


[912]  2007-11-18  21:03:22
Name: » mick     From: staffordshire
Hi Guys,
We need more Midlands dates. The show you did back in April 2007 supporting Diamond Head at the Robin in Bilston was one of the best shows I have ever seen in 30 years of going to concerts.
Surely, this cannot be your farewell tour. I hope not.
Keep rocking guys!

Look forward to catching you live soon


[911]  2007-11-12  00:25:47
Name: » Frank     From: Germany
Website: » Duennhaupt Concert Photography
Hi guys,
on my website you can find pictures from the gig at Firefest IV. It was brilliant. Here is the link:




[910]  2007-11-09  04:41:46
Name: » Thomasino     From: Lees Summit, Missouri
You guys fucking ROCK! dont know what else to say...

[909]  2007-11-07  07:45:00
Name: » mix     From: Sweden

[908]  2007-10-29  20:49:58
Name: Andy.
Came up to Nottingham on Friday from Bristol to see Demon and enjoyed the night very much , I was a bit gutted about the set length but meeting Dave and getting a photo with him made up for it , cheers Demon.

[907]  2007-10-27  23:34:55
Name: Jürgen     From: Germany
Oh God... "Don't Break The Circle" was one of the very first heavy metal songs i taped from radio as a kid. Now, 25 years later, i finally braced myself up for the first time to see you guys live. Thanx for all those great songs in Frankfurt (a little sad The Plague hadn't been among them ;-)

[906]  2007-10-27  13:06:12
Name: Aljoscha     From: Frankfurt
Thank you guys for the great Frankfurt show! Don't let this one be your "Farewell Tour" simply 'cause the world needs a quality-band like DEMON!

[905]  2007-10-26  09:20:55
Name: » Marco     From: Germany
Was a Helluva show last night in Frankfurt guys, thanks for that "remembrance day" - but you HAVE to carry on !! As Dave implied in a talk, there´s still a chance for the band !? Make it real and keep on rockin´, we need DEMON for 10 more years, at least :-) As long as there´s Germany there´ll be also a future for the band...PLAY IT LOUD FOREVER...

[904]  2007-10-25  21:38:19
Name: » Fabio     From: Italy
Hi guys, I'm finally back from Germany.

The gig in Augsburg was great (Dave had a cold, but it didn't affect his performance) and reaction from the german crowd was fantastic. Definitely worth the trip!

I also wanna thank all the guys in the band, especially Dave, for spending some time to have a chat with me before the gig. I had a great time and it was a pleasure to discover you are so nice and down to earth people, it makes your music all the more enjoyable.
It is a night I will never forget.

Hold on to the dream!


[903]  2007-10-24  22:56:18
Name: » Giuseppe     From: Lots of places
Website: » originalprisoner
Caught you all in Bonn, my ears are still ringing. Quality night just make sure its not really your farewell tour. Keep Rocking and play it Loud!!!!!

[902]  2007-10-21  17:19:38
Name: » smudi     From: germany
hello guys, i saw you last night for the second time. that gig was the best one i ever saw. especially a big thank you for playing "remebrance day" in a very emotional version. all the best,


[901]  2007-10-21  13:19:07
Name: » Hartmut     From: Germany
Website: » Yellowhouse- official website
Hi Demon, Dave, Andy & all

nice to meet you yesterday in Hameln.
Don't break the circle ;-)

Best wishes
Hartmut Kreckel (IKP,Yellowhouse & Orchid Leaves)

[900]  2007-10-20  13:43:25
Name: Jaan     From: Germany
Superb gig last night in Hamburg. Thanks a lot for playing Remembrance Day - definetely a day to remember...
Hope to see you on a "Comeback Tour" next year!

[899]  2007-10-14  03:27:31
Name: » K.C. Webber     From: Minneapolis,Minnesota (USA)
To: DEMON...all Band Members Past & Present,Mike "Monkey" Stone & all fans from around the world...we've all had 1 Helluva time listening to this great band & joining family DEMON at one time or another and it's been 1 helluva great,long ride for more than 25 years. I had said it long ago back in 2000 when I 1st came upon this site that it would be sweet if we all could've gotten together for 1 big party to celebrate band,family,friends & fans everywhere. Ah!...Hold On To The Dream...Thanxxx! Dave & the boys for some of the best most inspiring & rocking music I've heard over all these years...CHEERS! DEMON Lives!!!

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