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[905]  2007-10-26  09:20:55
Name: » Marco     From: Germany
Was a Helluva show last night in Frankfurt guys, thanks for that "remembrance day" - but you HAVE to carry on !! As Dave implied in a talk, there┤s still a chance for the band !? Make it real and keep on rockin┤, we need DEMON for 10 more years, at least :-) As long as there┤s Germany there┤ll be also a future for the band...PLAY IT LOUD FOREVER...

[904]  2007-10-25  21:38:19
Name: » Fabio     From: Italy
Hi guys, I'm finally back from Germany.

The gig in Augsburg was great (Dave had a cold, but it didn't affect his performance) and reaction from the german crowd was fantastic. Definitely worth the trip!

I also wanna thank all the guys in the band, especially Dave, for spending some time to have a chat with me before the gig. I had a great time and it was a pleasure to discover you are so nice and down to earth people, it makes your music all the more enjoyable.
It is a night I will never forget.

Hold on to the dream!


[903]  2007-10-24  22:56:18
Name: » Giuseppe     From: Lots of places
Website: » originalprisoner
Caught you all in Bonn, my ears are still ringing. Quality night just make sure its not really your farewell tour. Keep Rocking and play it Loud!!!!!

[902]  2007-10-21  17:19:38
Name: » smudi     From: germany
hello guys, i saw you last night for the second time. that gig was the best one i ever saw. especially a big thank you for playing "remebrance day" in a very emotional version. all the best,


[901]  2007-10-21  13:19:07
Name: » Hartmut     From: Germany
Website: » Yellowhouse- official website
Hi Demon, Dave, Andy & all

nice to meet you yesterday in Hameln.
Don't break the circle ;-)

Best wishes
Hartmut Kreckel (IKP,Yellowhouse & Orchid Leaves)

[900]  2007-10-20  13:43:25
Name: Jaan     From: Germany
Superb gig last night in Hamburg. Thanks a lot for playing Remembrance Day - definetely a day to remember...
Hope to see you on a "Comeback Tour" next year!

[899]  2007-10-14  03:27:31
Name: » K.C. Webber     From: Minneapolis,Minnesota (USA)
To: DEMON...all Band Members Past & Present,Mike "Monkey" Stone & all fans from around the world...we've all had 1 Helluva time listening to this great band & joining family DEMON at one time or another and it's been 1 helluva great,long ride for more than 25 years. I had said it long ago back in 2000 when I 1st came upon this site that it would be sweet if we all could've gotten together for 1 big party to celebrate band,family,friends & fans everywhere. Ah!...Hold On To The Dream...Thanxxx! Dave & the boys for some of the best most inspiring & rocking music I've heard over all these years...CHEERS! DEMON Lives!!!

[898]  2007-10-03  12:20:35
Name: Fazza     From: Fazza...the fruit???!!!
Dave Tye wrote 2007-09-27 23:42:02:
Who's this "Fazza" wanker? Looks like a fruit to me!

What's the difference between an egg and a wank?

......you can beat an egg!

Aye up spud pants..long time no see!!!
....whats the difference between Fanny Craddock and a cross country runner...??

One's a pant in the country...

See what you started!


[897]  2007-09-28  12:43:53
Name: Tyson 7     From: The House nextdoor to Hell
Nice to see your still Rocking Demon....

Gentleman 1, "I've 4got my glasses"

Gentleman 2, "I've 4got my Wife"

[896]  2007-09-27  23:42:02
Name: » Dave Tye     From: Los Angeles
Who's this "Fazza" wanker? Looks like a fruit to me!

What's the difference between an egg and a wank?

......you can beat an egg!

[895]  2007-09-27  02:56:40
Name: » MANLIO     From: SOUTH ITALY
Website: » www.larsenmetal.com
N E V E R S A Y G O O D B Y E !!! stay hard

[894]  2007-09-23  14:26:39
Name: jin     From: tokyo
Unfortunately only 6 albums + 1 compi were issued in here Japan, besides there was no chance to enjoy the concert.... however I will keep on rockin with your songs. Thanks for your great 27years.

[893]  2007-09-09  22:56:26
Name: » smudi     From: germoney
...you guys gave me some of the best songs in my life like remembrance day, time has come, life on the wire, sacred heart, victim of his time, barons of darkness, let me out of here... Its very sad to say goodbye - i will miss vou, but I m looking forward to see you live in Hameln... cheers...smudi

[892]  2007-09-07  10:13:26
Name: » Gregg     From: Vienna
Website: » Die Babylon Trilogie
Hi. I just bought your best-of-album "Time Has Come". And i have to say, that the cover looks like it┤s been pulled out a donkey ass. I realy like the music, but the inlay of the cover just looks cheap and doesn┤t match the quality of the music. Shit, even I could do a better cover. Phew, had to get that off my mind. Thanks, ═┤m feeling better now. Keep on rocking.
Yours Gregg

[891]  2007-09-04  10:10:30
Name: Frank     From: Haugesund
Hey Guys!! Thanks for a helluva noon in notodden.

Thanks for a great gig and varm hospitality..

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