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[845]  2007-01-08  09:30:33
Name: » Daniel     From: Germany
Website: » Evilized
Hey Guys,

it was a unbelievable great show in b÷blingen last week. Thanx a lot. You will find a german review @www.evilized.de. Check it out.

Cheers Daniel

[844]  2007-01-06  05:00:10
Name: » evilFEVER     From: Sweden (Ex-Pat)(Bromley lad)
Website: » Havenorespect
Well the holiday is booked ;D
Thursday 19th April, we are a few lads from sweden coming to see you guys that had such a huge impact on our lives...
i downloaded some trax a few months ago and it made me get my old vinyl collection out ;D (And a few Beers ;-D)
thx for the tunes, the memories and all the laughs...



[843]  2007-01-04  11:18:46
Name: metalmax     From: germany
hey guys...
thanx for the wonderful gig at b÷blingen....absolutely fantastic...hope to see you on tour this year in germany..
so long.
you┤re really taking the world by storm..

[842]  2006-12-31  08:25:02
Name: » DJ Vultan     From: Germany
Website: » DJ Vultan
wow that was the "Night Of The Demon" yesterday in Boblingen. Hope to see you again in 2007.
But please add some songs from the Taking The World By Storm album to your set.
And greetings to Tim and his friend's Red Special.

[841]  2006-12-07  08:20:32
Name: karl & jo     From: stoke
excellent gig last nite guy's!! as alway's
we just can't get enough of you!!
life on the wire was just mind blowing.

[840]  2006-10-30  00:46:28
Name: » Antje     From: Karlsruhe
Hi Tim + Neil,
back in good old Germany after a fantastic weekend. I have some nice pictures for you from the firefest, so hurry up and send me your E-Mail adress ;-)
Take care and hope to see you soon.

[839]  2006-10-28  10:42:36
Name: » Dash Daring     From: Karlsruhe
Website: » Excess Pressure
Hi Guys,

this stuff really rocks!!!


[838]  2006-10-24  00:46:22
Name: » Kevin Deegan     From: Kidsgrove stoke on trent
Hi Joanna and Mike where were you guys? I was up front I had a blue Denim jacket on which had a red badge with my name and amateur radio callsign on it. Joanna were you the blonde girl standing next to me up front with your mate? I would have stood out as I had a video camera with me.

[837]  2006-10-23  23:38:15
Name: » Joanna     From: Stoke-On-Trent
Guys well what can I say? Fri 20th was absolutley awesome!!
That's it we're hooked! we were there with Mick & Lisa and Mark, right up front AGAIN!! (what a view!) we felt like we were the only one's there! Its a privilege to be a fan. Thanks!
Can't wait to see you soon. Crewe here we come!! Jo & Karl xx

[836]  2006-10-21  04:51:18
Name: » Mark     From: Isleworth, Middlesex
Guys, last night was superb. Absolutely cracking gig! One Helluva Night indeed. Really enjoyed myself, thanks for putting on a great show as always. And thanks for all signing the poster, thats going in a frame ASAP! Hope to see you in Cheltenham next week.

[835]  2006-10-21  03:57:39
Name: Roger     From: Leek
Great concert last night the sound was fantastic.

[834]  2006-10-19  13:53:38
Name: » Karl Talbot     From: stoke on trent
looking forward to tomorrow night really enjoyed last saturday!!!!! it was our first gig CERTAINLY not the last all the best lads see you tommorow night karl and jo!!!!!

[833]  2006-10-18  09:42:59
Name: » Bruno     From: Brasil

I'm a Brazilian Fan. I did Buy "The Nigth of The Demon" and "The Unexpected Guest" in LP, is fantastic! Your Music is very good, loud and true. Keep doing your Heavy Metal Cult in all your works! By the way, when you will come to Brasil? We are waitng for you, Brasil have the best Headbangers of the world! hehe


[832]  2006-10-16  05:52:04
Name: » LIz     From: London/Norway
Hi u Demon Rockers !

After listening to your albums finally I got my first DEMON gig Saturday. Definitely not my last !!!!
You were great, brilliant, you rocked me all the way back to London.
See you at Winking Man or Nightowl Club
Can't wait !!


[831]  2006-10-15  10:38:16
Name: » Mick Lisa Karl Jo Dave Dee     From: Stoke on Trent
To Demon,
Thanks for one helluva night absolutey awesome,
didn't want it to end.
Thanks for making our weekend a memorable one.
See you on friday.

From six happy stokies !!!

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