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[838]  2006-10-24  00:46:22
Name: » Kevin Deegan     From: Kidsgrove stoke on trent
Hi Joanna and Mike where were you guys? I was up front I had a blue Denim jacket on which had a red badge with my name and amateur radio callsign on it. Joanna were you the blonde girl standing next to me up front with your mate? I would have stood out as I had a video camera with me.

[837]  2006-10-23  23:38:15
Name: » Joanna     From: Stoke-On-Trent
Guys well what can I say? Fri 20th was absolutley awesome!!
That's it we're hooked! we were there with Mick & Lisa and Mark, right up front AGAIN!! (what a view!) we felt like we were the only one's there! Its a privilege to be a fan. Thanks!
Can't wait to see you soon. Crewe here we come!! Jo & Karl xx

[836]  2006-10-21  04:51:18
Name: » Mark     From: Isleworth, Middlesex
Guys, last night was superb. Absolutely cracking gig! One Helluva Night indeed. Really enjoyed myself, thanks for putting on a great show as always. And thanks for all signing the poster, thats going in a frame ASAP! Hope to see you in Cheltenham next week.

[835]  2006-10-21  03:57:39
Name: Roger     From: Leek
Great concert last night the sound was fantastic.

[834]  2006-10-19  13:53:38
Name: » Karl Talbot     From: stoke on trent
looking forward to tomorrow night really enjoyed last saturday!!!!! it was our first gig CERTAINLY not the last all the best lads see you tommorow night karl and jo!!!!!

[833]  2006-10-18  09:42:59
Name: » Bruno     From: Brasil

I'm a Brazilian Fan. I did Buy "The Nigth of The Demon" and "The Unexpected Guest" in LP, is fantastic! Your Music is very good, loud and true. Keep doing your Heavy Metal Cult in all your works! By the way, when you will come to Brasil? We are waitng for you, Brasil have the best Headbangers of the world! hehe


[832]  2006-10-16  05:52:04
Name: » LIz     From: London/Norway
Hi u Demon Rockers !

After listening to your albums finally I got my first DEMON gig Saturday. Definitely not my last !!!!
You were great, brilliant, you rocked me all the way back to London.
See you at Winking Man or Nightowl Club
Can't wait !!


[831]  2006-10-15  10:38:16
Name: » Mick Lisa Karl Jo Dave Dee     From: Stoke on Trent
To Demon,
Thanks for one helluva night absolutey awesome,
didn't want it to end.
Thanks for making our weekend a memorable one.
See you on friday.

From six happy stokies !!!

[830]  2006-10-15  05:30:28
Name: » Mark Ward     From: Isleworth, Middlesex
You guys rocked the British Steel Festival last night, absolutely superb! Im hoping I can make it to the Winking Man on friday! If not, I'll definitely see you at a gig soon! Keep on rocking guys!

[829]  2006-10-02  14:14:29
Name: » Andy Mansell     From: Alton
Website: » Andy Mansell Photography
All hail to the Rock Legend that is Dave Hill and DEMON not only do I have the joy of listening to your fantastic tracks I now have the pleasure of listening to all your great stories from your gigs tours and festivals. cheers Dave! Long Live DEMON!!!

[828]  2006-09-27  15:08:32
Name: » Dazz Beard     From: Stoke on trent
Well, they say good things come to those that wait!

25 years after they start, I finally listern to 'DEMON' and what joy, what have I been missing!

Anyway, enough of this typing I have some catching up to do.

Long live Demon and I look forward to seeing you guys live some time soon.

[827]  2006-09-09  02:36:08
Name: Mick & Lisa     From: Stoke on Trent
Looking forward to the Milton Keynes gig, there are six
of us coming down for that one.
Really looking forward to the Winking Man gig the week after.

Keep Rocking

[826]  2006-08-11  09:50:47
Name: » R.E.Nyland     From: Northern Norway
Website: » The WinterStrain Home

Found you at last! Googling DEMON did me little good... I just wanted to say HI and thank your drummer for lending me that important tom at Z Rock in April!! -You're a super cool dude, man! -And Demon really showed us all you've done this for a while. I was particularly impressed by the apparent song quality. Great melodies!

Cheers! Hope to see you again one day, preferrably another happening where we'll all be on stage, if not simultaneously. Hey, what a thought...

[825]  2006-07-29  06:39:22
Name: » dave     From: cornwall
hi guys
for fucks sake please come down to darkest cornwall or somewhere close by and do a gig.
keep up the good work

[824]  2006-07-13  13:17:09
Name: pete     From: finland
years ago i heard in radio, somethig ,i dont know. never ever befoere i heard it... what a hell is it... demon ..that was it i was hooked with it. i trawelled 300 kilometers to get it.. and it`s still playing strongly on my lp player. BREAK OUT LOUD


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