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[782]  2006-01-15  21:36:51
Name: Antonis 'Lordian Guard'     From: Greece
Website: » Holy Sword
Hello NWOBHM grandfathers!!!

Waiting to see ya live on Friday for One Helluva Night !!

[781]  2006-01-15  00:28:48
Name: » Nikolaus Herrmann     From: Germany
Im really happy since i know that you will play on the KIT VI! Please play Life on the Wire and Through these Eyes!!!!!

[780]  2006-01-10  10:51:21
Name: ian mc farlane     From: ex amazon studios
all the best for the year 2006 mike and dave

[779]  2006-01-10  10:50:22
Name: ian mc farlane     From: ex amazo studios liverpool
hiya chaps
just wishing you all the best for the year 2006

[778]  2006-01-02  23:21:01
Name: » Vaggelis     From: Greece
Hello Demon !!! We expect your shows in Greece, please play Taking The World By Storm!!! Thank you very much, happy new year.

[777]  2006-01-01  02:12:19
Name: Tyson     From: Rugeley
Happy New Year Demon..........
I hope i'm going to see you this year..

[776]  2005-12-30  18:32:22
Name: » Mick     From: Stoke-on-Trent
Just found this site. I became a fan of Demon roundabout "Unexpected Guest" time. Used to go and see Dave and Mal around the pubs, Rising Sun, Hilberry, top vine to name a few and have a good chat. Even had the Unexpected Guest picture on the back of my Jacket which they signed if i remember right.Still got a Japanese copy that they gave me as well some where.

Anyway, grew up, got married etc and now discovering my youth again after 20 years. Last saw Dave and Mal at the Top Vine just before Mal died and the release of Wonderland.

Got great memories of those times and this site has bought back so many feelings and thoughts and re introduced me to some timeless classics..... I have been here before.

[775]  2005-12-23  21:15:52
Name: » conny     From: sweden
I am the unexpectedguest

[774]  2005-12-22  21:06:04
Name: » PLaton Andreas Georgiades     From: London
Came accross your website by chance.I've followed rock of all types since the beginning. Not publicised but without doubt the best band in the UK there has ever been no question.

[773]  2005-12-19  22:54:08
Name: Jarle A. Samuelsen     From: Arbeidervn. 47c, 8516 Narvik, Norway
Hi all!!
Just wanted to tell ya all that I love the latest Demon-album. It was sooooo good to listen to new music from the guy's. Since I don't have a net connection at my home at the moment, I want you to write me on my home adress as stated above. I own all Demon albums and more.
Take care.
Love to all


[772]  2005-12-18  09:32:50
Name: » Stephen Smith     From: FL, USA
After years of searching, I have flashbacks of home, home where the demon lies embedded in my soul from the first varnished album Night of the Demon in my late teens and through all the years between, stumbling upon the occasional gem buried within the lost archives of music I searched and Now at the age of 40 I find this site in the twillight hours past midnite. As I listen to the soundclips my mind wonders through all those memories, I've only made it to British Standard Approved and just had to stop to say THANK YOU. As I listen onward eagerly my mind races to the day when I will sit, not too far from now in my van with the DVD player playing ALL the DEMON music I know and yet to hear. These will be GOOD TIMES. Proudly shared with my friends who over the years I have praised the name Demon to, with only the songs in my mind...
This once again Night of the Demon
and evermore...

[771]  2005-12-06  15:23:23
Name: » Brad walker     From: england
morning demon, the music ive heard i smashing and karl is the 2nd best guitarest ive ever heard play.

[770]  2005-11-27  01:04:42
Name: Tyson     From: Rugeley
Come on Demon, stop messing about. i want to see you ROCK in Saffordshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year.....................

[769]  2005-11-26  11:59:44
Name: Metalhead     From: Spain
I want a DVD/CD live album DEMON,now!jejeje
Demon to Spain...

[768]  2005-11-21  19:04:09
Name: » vulcano     From: brazil
Website: » daniel job
very pleasure be here !

we record one song of you......NIGHT OF DEMON.........and we are play in my band like a honor to DEMON band.
we will send for Dave Hill the music.........night of demon........our version....

Hellish War.......metal 80's.......my band

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