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[748]  2005-09-27  11:03:17
Name: Fish     From: Blighty
Website: » the skeptix
Hey just got your new cd off Hilly, awesome! nice one you Demons,great guitars Roy
love peace and oil


[747]  2005-09-22  15:11:08
Name: » Dennis     From: Sweden
"The Unexpected Guest" is one of the best albums of all time. Thank God 4 that one.

[746]  2005-09-21  22:29:25
Name: Salle     From: Sweden
Website: » Lucifers internethome
Great site and great music guys, you are back!!!. As a big fan i of cause want my heroes to check in my new guitar. It's the worlds most evil guitar to be serieproduced.
Visit our site and have a check.

With regards
Creator of Lucifer

[745]  2005-09-20  19:38:23
Name: » Philippe     From: FRANCE
Website: » HRPhttp://
It's when you want you pass in France...

[744]  2005-09-02  09:19:45
Name: » Kevin Deegan     From: Kidsgrove stoke on trent
Greetings Cyberman are you by any chance one of the lads I was speaking to in Belfast the other day, When I was checking out distribution of Demon Cds in ireland and also looking for good venues and promoters for Demon in relation to possible gigs for them in Ireland.

[743]  2005-08-29  16:46:12
Name: cyberman     From: ireland
hi guys,i've just rediscovered the magic that is Demon.i was into the band in the 80s but just lost touch with it all.i dug out THE UNEXPECTED GUEST and HEART OF OUR TIME from the attic,played them and now i'm back!yesterday i bought BEST OF DEMON VOL ONE.i'm now gonna get all the cds.any chance of DEMON playing in Ireland?

[742]  2005-08-21  20:06:03
Name: » PAXDELTA     From: LONDON UK
Hi brothers!
Been a pagan since i was 13 YO and your album "the unexpected guest" was a fave album in the 80s.
Getting back in rock/metal after years of trance and techno and it's good to see you're still around!


[741]  2005-08-21  17:23:58
Name: ian mc farlane     From: ex amazon studios
hello guys just checking your site hope you are well ian

[740]  2005-08-17  11:00:44
Name: » craig russ     From: teesside england
albums are brilliant lads first heard in 80s just got hold of night of the demon cd. brought back lots of memories any tour dates in n.e england keep it up boys you kick arse

[739]  2005-08-10  09:43:16
Name: » Kuhnigotchi     From: Stuttgart/Germany
hi there,

this what magnum says, why they are not interested in touring with demon.


Von: Al Barrow <bazaray@yahoo.com> An: Kuhnigotchi@gmx.de
Betreff: MAGNUM.
Datum: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 15:56:30 +0100

Hello from the MAGNUM CAMP.

I have just seen your mail on the guest book. As far as we know there
has been no tour in the pipe line with Demon.
As for it being only the money that makes us tour ????. That is one
thing Magnum have never been driven by. I am sorry you feel that it
is a dissapointment that these so called dates will never happen but
it`s all news to us.

I do hope this helps heal any wounds you feel you have and delps you
change your mind in how & why Magnum perform live.

All the best AL Barrow.


[738]  2005-08-06  00:57:26
Name: Tomas     From: Sweden
Have not listend to Demon since "Breakout" 1987 i think...This new album is ok.


[737]  2005-07-29  09:32:30
Name: » Thomas     From: Germany
Website: » DARK TALES
Hi Folks,
Interview with the whole band online now. Try www.dark-tales.de!!

DEMON rulez!!

[736]  2005-07-27  16:55:22
Name: chris
thank you dave, that demon is still alive.
thank you, for the new great album.

keep on rocking...

[735]  2005-07-20  00:44:10
Name: »  Dirk ( A Metal Brother)     From: Germany
Thank you Dave for "Night of the demon" on BYH. My tears were the payment for a 20 years waiting.

[734]  2005-07-19  23:19:06
Name: » Thomas     From: Germany
Website: » Dark Tales - The Old School Metal Magazine
Hi folks,
Thomas from Dark Tales again. In addition to the band history there will be an interview with the whole band (!). Soon to come, so stay tuned to www.dark-tales.de. Unfortunately it is (like the history) written in german. But give it a try, itīs worth it.

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