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[733]  2005-07-19  14:39:51
Name: » savafan     From: Hungary
Website: » CSLP Homepage
Hi All!

I made some pictures on a Bang Your Head 2005.

You can check here: http://savafan.freeweb.hu/angbyh02.htm

[732]  2005-07-18  20:06:13
Name: » Christian     From: Germany
Website: » Human Paranoid
Hey guys, greetings from Germany. Superb album, congratulations!
Check out the download section at the HUMAN PARANOID Homepage at http://www.humanparanoid.de/
Old School Thrash Metal From Germany

[731]  2005-07-18  13:55:38
Name: » Thomas     From: Germany
Website: » Dark Tales - The Old School Metal Magazine
for all you german DEMON Maniacs (And I know there are a lot of you!): A complete history of the band can be found on the website www.dark-tales.de. For all the rest: maybe you can try a translation program, for we don´t have the time to translate it in english. Sorry. But give it a try and read it. Maybe there will be some facts you didn´t know by now...

[730]  2005-07-13  22:40:36
Name: » Harry     From: Germany (Seeg)
BYH: Thanks for your gig and for a great photo with you, Dave.
Hope i see you again in Germany.
Your new album is very good, so Hold On To The Dream. You are fantastic.

[729]  2005-07-13  00:38:05
Name: Johan     From: Gothenburg
Your new album is really, really good. In fact it's fucking great!!! I love Demon and I love those new songs! Rock on, dudes! :-))

[728]  2005-07-13  00:36:33
Name: Johan     From: Gothenburg
Your new album is really, really good. In fact it's fucking great!!! I love Demon and I love those new songs! Rock on, dudes! :-))

[727]  2005-07-12  10:01:04
Name: » Klaus Ehmig     From: germany
Hi, I was the guy with all the vinyl albums and CD`s to sign at BYH.
Short but great gig.Hope to see you again very soon.

[726]  2005-07-10  17:43:57
Name: Don Rowe     From: Talke, Stoke, England
As an avid Demon Fan, I'm Sad to say that the new Album is way below all other Demon albums. In fact it's a fucking LEMON ! Come on boys, You're better than this.

[725]  2005-07-09  04:45:34
Name: » Cleansweep     From: Germany
Hello, I know you since 1981 (Friday Rock Show - Sampler),when Demon was just another NWOBHM-Band for me, but in 1987 you convinced me to be one of the best liveacts, I've ever seen. Brilliant Music, brilliant lyrics. One of the best bands of the world, together with Amebix, Black Sabbath and Dead Kennedys. I wish, I could play like you do. Hold on to the dream - I'll do.
Faithfully yours
Ulf, Singer of the german Punkband Cleansweep

[724]  2005-07-04  02:13:59
Name: » TheHugo     From: Germany
Website: » TheHugo
Thanxx for BYH. Only short, but a great time!

[723]  2005-07-03  16:37:09
Name: » Enrico     From: Vicenzaa, Italy
Thanks for taking Italy by storm last april (I was at the gig at 'Gate 52' in Verona), we'll wait for your come-back! Just bought 'Better the debvil you know' and it really ROCKS! Bye!

[722]  2005-07-02  21:37:12
Name: Wallibär     From: Böblingen / Germany
Hi Guys,
great but slow gig at the Bang Your Head!!! I Met you Backstage and we had a talk. Thanks for the pics! Hope to see you with Chinchilla in September or October 2005 in Germany! Stay Heavy, the Demon is back!!!


[721]  2005-07-01  00:03:34
Name: » Mark Briody     From: Jag Panzer
Brilliant gig at BYH! And it was incredible talking to you guys over breakfast at the hotel and also backstage. Demon were a huge influence on me in the early 80's, so seeing you live fulfilled a dream. Next time I hope you play 'Remembrance Day'!

Mark Briody
Jag Panzer

[720]  2005-06-29  15:28:28
Name: » ko van dis     From: netherlands
Hi guys. I was very impressed of your show at the Ragnarock festival in Goes. A shame that there was hardly any audience. I was the FOH technician at that festival and it was a pleasure doing this for you.


[719]  2005-06-28  18:37:52
Name: » BP     From: Germany
Website: » Rock Club Bruchtal
Thanks for the short, but great gig in Balingen. It was my first demon gig, but I hope you will come in october for a small tour to germany like you said in the tent.

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