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[643]  2004-12-31  03:14:26
Name: » c. pyle
I'm charlie. This site is pretty cool. I'm going to be get a big settlement payment and want to find invest opportunities.

[642]  2004-12-30  13:43:53
Name: black     From: Germany
Website: » http://www.ordenogan.de
German fantasy metal

[641]  2004-12-15  22:51:41
Name: » richie

[640]  2004-12-15  03:52:07
Name: » JIMMY EAST     From: Tokyo
Website: » Heavy Party Rock
Hello, This Is Jimmy East (ex. Shinjuku Cactus)
Check Out My Brand New Band -SuiSide Rose-
This Is Real Party Rock Band.
Play gutsy R&R laced with punk and metal edge.
Our music is fired with attitude, aggression and fun.

If you are interested to us, Check Out Web!!!
Please, feel free to visit our site and guest book!!!

Keep In Touch & Rock N' Roll Party!!!
Heavenly Trip To Hell!!!

-SuiSide Rose-(Suck My Ass)
JImmy East


[639]  2004-12-14  05:25:46
Name: » smithholly21@yahoo.com
cool page

[638]  2004-12-03  12:18:07
Name: » Clare Spooner     From: Stoke-on-Trent
Hi Mals eldest daughter here. Didnt know this site existed until Amy told me but its fantastic to know that there is such a following. I only know the early stuff from old albums of dads (Night of the Demon/The Plague) but will definately be listening to the new stuff. Keep it up Dave & the boys...I'm so proud I could burst.

[637]  2004-12-02  21:17:18
Name: » Carlos Albewrto Estanislau de Mello-CARLAO     From: São Paulo - Brazil
Salute to great band of heavy Metal 80`s, please, we wanna demon in SP-Brasil, dont break the circle

[636]  2004-12-02  17:15:21
Name: » Amy Spooner     From: Stoke-on-Trent
Hello Dave Hill! This is Mal Spooner youngest daughter Amy. Would just like to say that I'm really proud of everything you guys have done and I'm pleased to see you're still going after all this time!My brother Dave and sister Clare also say hello!We are all very proud! Like the new album!

[635]  2004-10-21  12:32:56
Name: » Jarski     From: Finland
I surfed in CDONE.com some nigh and find that theres new 2004 Demon album available. So I orderd it. Today I get my cd. I put it in my player and start to listen. This is not Demon! Not at all. Not even close. This is shit. This is not music that I wanna hear.

How can somebody stupid, idiot hiphopper use Your name?

I'm tupid too, because I don't check the Demon website to see what are latest releases. But somebody must do something, because real Demon and fake-Demon records are under same list in web-shop.


[634]  2004-10-08  15:54:19
Name: Harulf the Warulf
Website: » www.saddamsfamily.cjb.net
Thanx guys for a great site, and greetings from iraq!
Doing any gigs in the middle-east area soon?

Please check my site also, the homepage of the hottest (and perhaps the only?) heavy metal band in iraq at www.saddamsfamily.cjb.net
See YOU (and your comments:) there!

ps: it is a great place to promote your band!


[633]  2004-09-25  22:14:10
Name: » Juliana Santos     From: Dynamofest
Website: » Dynamofest

[632]  2004-09-20  16:40:01
Name: Jimbo     From: Norrköping, Sweden
No Prob, Mark! I am in the same position as you! I'm 31 myself, so I know EXACTLY what you're talkin about!
I HATE all these new freakshow bands that popup everywhere u turn! Limp Bisquit, Limpimg Tarts and what not...

But what I really like is that on SOM, Demon does it in the way it SHOULD sound! What I mean is: They put all the other wannabies in their glorious shadow!!! At least that's my point of view!
Btw, aren't you on the messageboard? If not, for the love of God, JOIN IN!!!
It's madness!!! =)
Stay Clean!

[631]  2004-09-17  22:07:16
Name: » Mark Kennedy     From: Burton-upon-Trent,England
Sorry JIMBO for my comments about 'Spaced Out Monkey' I guess I am just stuck in my ways a bit.I'm 30 years old and have loved this band since I was 16 and I believe I was born a good ten years too late cos the rock scene changed (for the worst) so much during the 90's.I miss the 70's and 80's rock/metal sound such alot..Keep on rockin'.

[630]  2004-09-17  10:45:41
Name: » Glenn Johnson     From: Sussex
Website: » http://www.glennjohnson.co.uk
I've been a fan from The Unexepected Guest album and I have to say Spaced Out Monkey is the best album since Taking The World By Storm. It's a classic and currently my favourite (even ahead of The Plague). Can't wait for the new album.

[629]  2004-09-16  00:10:41
Name: » Jimbo     From: Norrköping, Sweden
Couldn't help myself...Please, "Mark Kennedy" who just bought the album Unexpected Guest.....About your remark on Spaced Out Monkey....The way I feel about S.O.M, is a return to the old sound with a modern touch!!! come on, the guys has been at it for almost 25 years!!! You have to be influenced by the time you're livin in..and that is what Demon has always done! Reflections of the world we live in today! According to me S.O.M is a friggin masterpiece, if not the greatest album that's been released in the 21st century....I've been a Demon fan since childhood, and I feel in my bones that "Better The Devil You Know" will NOT let me down!!! 4th of Oct I'll be bangin on the record store's door to buy the new album!
Take Care, Mark and the rest of you, the few, Demonized people out there!

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