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[590]  2004-04-11  16:18:08
Name: carlos     From: São Paulo/brazil
spaced out monkey is great !!!!!!!!!You guys are awesome. CAME TO BRAZIL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[589]  2004-04-09  12:50:31
Name: » Chris & Melinda     From: Leek/New York/Texas
Website: » Dismantlement
Just met Andy. Nice website! Looking forward to hearing the music.

[588]  2004-04-03  20:46:40
Name: » Darksaga     From: France
Website: » mymusichistory
If you're a Demon fan, and if you love other bands like Magnum, Kooga, Tobruk... Visit my homepage (in french) : http://mymusichistory.monsite.wanadoo.fr/

[587]  2004-03-31  20:31:35
Website: » Motorhell Net
New samples finally online! MOSH TO http://motorhell.cjb.net \,,/

[586]  2004-03-24  22:31:17
Name: death
awsome web site
best metal1 ive seen

[585]  2004-03-24  02:32:38
Name: dippa     From: cambs
So thanks guys for giving me something to believe in when the going got tough last year...can't thank you enough...I know you know what I mean...
Keep on rockin'

[584]  2004-03-24  02:26:00
Name: dippa     From: cambs
Have been a fan since the start...yes I alked into Lincoln shopping centre to buy a copy of Night of the Demon and played it non-stop...great riffs, great lyrics, great guitar sound...then came the stunning Unexpected Guest...that album just rocked my old vinyl player to pieces...I still play it now...turn it up loud and shake the foundations...The Plague...took me a while but yeah...cool...ever since I've been a real supporter of the band...how they've never made it huge amazes me to this day but then look at FM. The lyrics are superb. When out in Paris for the 1998 World Cup...I bought a copy of Dave Hill's solo album and that rocks too. Walk of Life...ohh yea. Must admit I was disappointed with blowout and BSA but have just finished regenerating the vinyl collection with all the albums on CD and its taken me back to glorious rocking times and makde no mistake I will be seeing Dave in England again at the first opportunity. My mother died from lung cancer last July and the song that meant so much and helped e get through some tough times was on the Spaced Out Monkey album..it is true I still believe in jesus only now I see him him in a different light. Keep on Rockin guys as Noddy used to say...Better the Deveil You Know...now's there's an album I can't wait for!

[583]  2004-03-17  23:13:44
Name: J.     From: Finland
Am I the only one here to think Breakout is THE album that lasts & lasts & lasts... and changes the world every once in a while?

[582]  2004-03-11  22:51:36
Name: Rock Hopper     From: Leek Area
Saw Demon at Leek last year.Bloody Amazing!! About time you played live again Dave. Get it on this year

[581]  2004-03-10  23:18:24
Name: » Neil     From: BUXTON
DAVE mate if i come into where you work n bought a demon c-d could you sign it for me plz????

[580]  2004-03-10  15:39:30
Name: » chris     From: stoke on trent
i have followed you for many years.i remeber the gig at jolees many moons a go and what a gig the roof was lifted off the place.a band that has stood the test of time and has carried on through thick and thin good on ya may you have many more deafening years a head

[579]  2004-03-10  04:53:09
Name: » Azatoth     From: Primordial Chaos
Hi, GREAT PAGE!!!! Congrats!!. However, It's a pity you don't have a link for purchase the DEMON's CDs

[578]  2004-03-07  13:35:41
Name: » Tim Lucy     From: ex- Stokie, now Surrey England.
Ray Walmsley,
How ya doin' mate? Good to see your keeping busy, get in touch soon,
all the best

[577]  2004-03-03  13:13:32
Name: nooga     From: drunk again from nice(france)
Website: » http://www.chez.com/drunkagain
hello i am an old fan of you.i'm very happy to see you're still alive.i hope to see you one of these days.keep on rockin'.i'm the drummer of a fuckin'rock'n'roll band.may be you can take a look at our site and send me a dedicace.thank you for all this years with you,mr dave hill.nooga.

[576]  2004-02-13  11:38:48
Name: Petrone     From: Sweden
Will there be another great show in 2004? You are the greatest!!!

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