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[527]  2003-05-26  17:50:58
Name: Big Jon Wisbey     From: Bristol
May I echo the calles of entry 929 and suggest a Bristol gig, and may I even suggest a venue.
The Full Moon on Stokes Croft 0117 9245170, an intement little place, but has a capacity of about 300 and can get a great atmosphere going. How bout it lads I can even arrange a support band for you.

[526]  2003-05-26  15:43:11
Name: » Schneider, Sven, PhD     From: Germany
Website: » Socionet: Social science and health
1984 I bought my first Demon-LP, now, 20 years alter I still have - and hear - it ( and all the other DEMON-LPs). Now, after 10 years without record-player, I bought one, digged out the old LPs and found your website... Demon, you are the best...

[525]  2003-05-20  00:11:56
Name: Roger     From: Sweden
Is`t someone who knows if the Breakout record can gets at a CD

[524]  2003-05-18  23:53:56
Name: » Johannes     From: Sweden
Website: » Sweden Rock Festival 2003
SPEARFISH "Back For The Future" to be released in October 2003. All money will go to the Child Cancer Fund.

Some of the tracks that will get that will be on the album in far heavier versions that you ever could imagine:

Mercury Blues (by David Lindley)
Justice In Ontario (by Steve Earle)
The Shining (by Jon English)
Stayin Alive (by Bee Gees)
In The Ghetto (by Elvis)
Gone Shootin' (by AC/DC)
What You're Doing (by Rush)
Fools Gold (by Thin Lizzy)

Some Of The Guest Artists on the CD:

Paul DiAnno (ex Iron Maiden) Vocals

Dave Hill (Demon) Vocals

Nicky Moore (ex Samson) Vocals

John Nitzinger (ex Alice Cooper & Bloodrock) Vocals & Guitars

Mick Box (Uriah Heep) Guitars

Janne Stark (Locomotive Breath) Guitars

Robin George (The David Byron Band etc etc) Guitars

Paul DiAnno, Nicky Moore, John Nitzinger & Dave Hill
will sing lead vocals on 1 track each !


[523]  2003-05-14  17:29:49
Name: » Charly     From: Stuttgart/Germany
Website: » Metropölis
Metropölis is glad to support DEMON in Crewe on June 2nd 2003!
I am Charly, member of the Metropölis roadcrew, a fan of you guys and very happy to see you soon!
CU in U.K.

[522]  2003-05-07  12:59:24
Name: » Migge stratman     From: the land were the cows are mooing... (sweden)
Website: » sorry havent got any
This is absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed youre albums in the early eighties and have a personal favourite that I really hope that you will play in sweden rock and thats the song: have we been here before.rise... rise...rise oh! I see:

[521]  2003-05-06  20:03:59
Name: » Geoff Burns     From: Bristol
Ahh - still waiting to see you reappear in Bristol - had some good nights catching you at the Bierkellar!!
FWIW - been a fan since the first single (still carefully preserved for occasional listening).

When are you going to revisit this corner of the world??


[520]  2003-04-30  05:30:32
Name: » Phillip Northern     From: Missouri-U.S.A
Wish i could see Demon in the states especially around the St. Louis Missouri area. Demon will not be forgotten.

[519]  2003-04-27  13:49:14
Name: » julian     From: carroll
You entertained us at Bar Cuba Nov 2001
we ejoyed that night .It was the first time i ever saw demon and i will see you at leek in May.Cheers Dave & Co.From Dave Hill's godson.Remember Dave you might have to be responsible for me one day.Julian Carroll.

[518]  2003-04-17  19:47:01
Name: » crazy horse     From: my mum
i was there in birkenhead in 82 at the start ,and i shall be there at the end..............AND REMEMBER RIVET HEADS...DONT BREAK THE CIRCLE...LUV...CRAZY...HORSE

[517]  2003-04-16  17:33:57
Name: » Ian     From: UK
Was surfing a while back and discovered your site. I have been into Demon from the very begining, even being a member of the official fan club back in the 80's. I just transfered all the back cat (up to Taking The World) from vinyl to my mp3 jukebox. And boy what have I been missing. The Night, Unexpected, Plague, & Breakout are probrably Some of the best rock albums from the 80's and still sound great today. I'm gonna catch up with all the new stuff and go out to get all the cat on CD. Catch you next time you guys are in London.

[516]  2003-04-16  15:38:59
Name: » Oliver Bomb Unit     From: Hell
Website: » CLUSTER BOMB UNIT Official Website
Hi folks, here´s one of your drivers for the show last weekend! You guys rocked, but I have to admit, that I was more impressed to meet Mike Stone that day *lol* I hope to see you again for another dose of good ol´Discharge Storys! Keep it up!!! I still have to give you one of our records - forgot that last weekend!

[515]  2003-04-15  20:35:41
Name: » Jörg Bukowski     From: Germany
Thanx for the amazing gig on saturday.
Brilliant as usual but we missed some classix. Hope to see you real soon again, England rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[514]  2003-04-15  12:06:04
Name: » Timmy     From: Asperg/Germany
Website: » Doomshine
Thank you for another brilliant gig last saturday!!! Carry on...

[513]  2003-04-14  00:38:25
Name: » Hugin     From: Ulm / Germany
Greetings from Germany!

I saw you last night in Albstadt for the third time, and I'm still impressed. Definitely one of the highlights in my concert list. You should just have stayed a bit longer.
I'm sorry for Doro, but after Demon and Candlemass, every headliner would have faced hard times - as you BOTH are among the best live-artists I ever saw. Thanks for the good time!!!

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