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[500]  2003-03-27  11:11:34
Name: » SHADOWLORD     From: the Netherlands
Website: » http://www.shadowlord.nl
Hi, we are Shadowlord from the Netherlands and we like to trade our new full lenght cd "Scourge of Heaven" with equal quality cd's from bands all over the world. Mp3 on our website, contact us for more info, wholesale is also possible.
We are also looking for gigs in Germany/Austria/Schweiz, if possible on festivals?

[499]  2003-03-27  11:10:30
Name: » erdbeer     From: Ludwigshafen
Website: » http://www.awryaxle.net
Wir Sind Verrückt!
Wir Versteigern uns selbst bei Ebay!
am 25.7.03 spielen wir in Speyer Open Air an der Halle 101 mit Annihilator,Virgin Steel,Evolution und Testament!
Und jetzt das noch:

einfach hingehen und mitbieten!!!!

[498]  2003-03-27  11:09:06
Name: Ed, NATTAS
Website: » http://crash.to/nattas
Hi there guys!
Glad to hear you are coming back to Sweden.
Expect me to be there!

[497]  2003-03-27  11:08:27
Name: » Johannes
Website: » http://www.swedenrock.com
Hey....I can tell you all that there will be packed in front of the stage on friday when Demon will enter the stage. We have already sold more tickets than ever and we are probably looking at a sellout festival for the first time. The fact that we will only have two stages rolling on friday means that there will be no band collisions either. So expect at least 5000 people in fron of Sweden Stage when the Demon will enter the stage and just one more thing. Last year when The Savoy Truffle headlined the "Kick Off" day there where more than 3000 people watching and this year it's an official day, we have more and better bands...so beware !

[496]  2003-03-27  11:07:38
Name: hellcop     From: Sweden
Bullshit! ofcource it`s gonna be alot of people on friday with bands like Demon,Tankard and Sky high!!
True Metal heads will take a day off from work (if they have any) and bang their smelling greasy heads for good old Metal!!!
Yes!!!,i know it`s the night of the demon.

[495]  2003-03-27  11:07:15
Name: » Johan     From: Sthlm
Hate to say this, but there won´t be so much people on Friday on Sweden Rock Festival. I wish Demon could play Sa-day or Su-day also.

[494]  2003-03-26  11:06:42
Name: MySelf
So great !!! Sweden will rock thi summer !

[493]  2003-03-26  11:06:19
Name: Charlie     From: Sweden
O yes! Just read the news on SRF's page, I'll be looking forward to the show there :-)

[492]  2003-03-25  15:50:10
Name: » Stefan     From: Sweden
Demon to Sweden rock festival!
So fucking great!
I´ve mailbombed the festival about this, and finally they realized that Demon had to be on the bill!
See ´ya in June!!!


[491]  2003-03-25  11:15:08
Name: » Timmy     From: Germany
Website: » Doomshine
hi there!!!
i´m dying to see you again on the BANG YOUR HEAD-Festival in Germany!!! rock on, dudes!

[490]  2003-03-25  11:05:38
Name: Stina     From: Sweden
Hi! Looking forward to see you all at Sweden rock Fetival.
Keep on rocking!

[489]  2003-03-25  03:28:08
Name: » kenny     From: sweden
hey! see you at the Sweden Rock Festival! ;)

[488]  2003-03-19  02:24:18
Name: michael     From: hamburg
really sorry to hear that steve brooks has left the band. for me steves guitar sound was a major part of demon. you only have to listen to the last four studio albums to know what i,m talking about. steve was the only long standing member of demon (apart from of course dave hill) and in my opinion is irreplaceable.to me a part of demon has died and it will never be the same again. good luck steve my friend in all that you do. also all the best to john cotterill who did a great job on spaced out monkey

[487]  2003-03-18  13:24:19
Name: » Chrysler     From: Sweden
Website: » Silverbug
Hi! If you're playing in sweden and want a swedish warm-up band, don't hesitate to send a mail to us!

[486]  2003-03-15  18:22:38
Name: » Bazzoid     From: uk
Love the New Album. Bought the first the week it came out - rushed 'round to my firends and beat them over the head with it.

Followed you guys ever since, but never found the web-site till now... duh!!

Ride ou dudes - see you In Coventry

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