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[317]  2002-02-18  23:01:01
Name: » rene engelaan     From: holland but living in spain
Hail Demon and all there fans. I still think that DEMON have been one of the best NWOBHM bands of all time. Your new album "Spaced out monkey" is a killer too. Its great that you dont have those shit NU METAL, INDUSTRIAL...influences in your music. Stay heavy, loud and proud.
A crazy fan living in Spain.
When are you coming to spain for some gigs?, that will be cool.

[316]  2002-02-17  12:06:35
Name: » stöpselstober     From: germany
I have heard Demon the first time in a forrest near Karlsruhe with a gettoblaster 7 years ago. Now I am 38 and I still like the music a lot. We will see us at Heidelberg.

[315]  2002-02-15  16:20:52
Name: Unexpected Greek     From: HELL
It's all the work of the devil and you have served him well !!!!
Demon must play live in GREECE
Deliver us from evil!!!!!!

[314]  2002-02-13  20:01:30
Name: Steve     From: Demon
the gig in Bochum has not been cancelled just moved to another venue..see the madmans rantings on the homepage thanks

[313]  2002-02-13  19:12:22
Name: » Jan Quaeyhaegens     From: Belgium
Hi rockers all over the world,

I waited for this so long. I'm a demon fan of the first hour. In 1981 I got my first demon record "The night of the demon". And now in 2002 I'm still a demon fan. My favourit demon album is "The plague". And now it's so far. Next week, february 19th, the band will play in Belgium - so it is for me the chance to see the band live for the first time. A dream come true.
Hope to see a lot of demon fans there and hope to see a great band live. Thanks demon for all these years of great music. See ya soon.

[312]  2002-02-11  22:56:39
Name: » -the sturzel one... -     From: wuppertal / germany
hi folks...

rumours tell that the DEMON event on feb 26th in bochum won´t take place. Is this correct???
i don´t hope so.
cheers, -t.s.o.-


[311]  2002-02-05  23:19:14
Name: David     From: Sweden
Hell yeah! Found some old tapes in the basement that my brother had left behind.. Picked up one with Demon and got really nostalgic when I heard that intro to Night of the Demon that got me so frightend when I was a child.. So now I have bought the three remasters available through RecordHeaven (when will the rest arive?? i'm desperate for 'em!)
Had to find Breakout and BSA as well.. ahh, such quality, will try to get my friends to enjoy this music as much as I do to! Release the rest of the back catalogue please!

[310]  2002-02-04  18:21:43
Name: klubba     From: warsawa
Website: » slummgubbe
hallå era demoner.Hjälp,jag blir galeeeen

[309]  2002-02-03  20:25:25
Name: » Christian     From: Sweden
Now is the time to you guys in Demon to confirm that you are going to play Sweden Rock Festival.You promised that when we spoke before you played the surprise gig in the tent,remember,


[308]  2002-02-01  11:46:53
Name: » Paul Thornell     From: Sweden
They are still the best! Have very nice day now !

[307]  2002-01-30  15:32:28
Name: Brooksey     From: DEMUN

[306]  2002-01-27  20:26:32
Name: » Diana Marx     From: Frankfurt/Germany
I think i´m the greatest Fan of Demon since 10 Years. And I was so happy, if i found the new Cd. I hope i can wait of another good cd´s.
See you at the 22th of Feb. 2002 in Offenbach.
So long. Greetings from Frankfurt. Diana

[305]  2002-01-18  01:15:31
Name: Don Rowe     From: Bottom of a Whiskey Jar.
Demon Boys,
When you gig in Crewe Feb 14th, will you please play....EMERALD...by Thin Lizzy...You do it so amazingly....I KNOW...

[304]  2002-01-17  22:57:21
Name: K.C.
GREETINGS!!! Dave;we here in America are patiently(!?!) waiting for you guys to play over here. Don't take so long on your next post/visit here!

[303]  2002-01-17  05:00:32
Name: » taihey     From: Rising Sun(Japan)
I bought "Spaced Out Monkey" at Yesterday(02/01/16).
And Listen Now...good!
I'm Long waiting for.

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