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[253]  2001-11-20  20:04:03
Name: » Derek     From: Miami
Hi Goatman
thanks for the tip;i bought some stuff there last month from warfare;so far no luck with Demon(only on lp);thanks anyway;keep the faith
Rock on Demon

[252]  2001-11-20  12:52:25
Name: » stefan     From: solna
A big thank you for the great show in Sala on saturday. Dave´s voice was perfect and I also got to speak to him afterwards.

[251]  2001-11-19  10:28:53
Name: Øyvind     From: Norway
Hello guys ! First I must apologise for the poor attendance at the show in Oslo this sunday. I`m ashamed of my country !! In spite of this you put on a great show and the sound was great. I can understand it if you don`t come to Oslo again so I`m really glad I was there. Keep on making fantastic music !!

[250]  2001-11-19  07:32:49
Name: » Christer     From: Örebro
The gig in Sala was a huge hit... Dave, thanks for dedicating "The Writings On The Wall" to my little daughter Ebba. Cheers!!

[249]  2001-11-18  20:57:42
Name: Tommy     From: Västerås Sweden
Was enjoying my weekend in Sala-Sweden yesterday, it was an excellent show !!! Thanks a lot

[248]  2001-11-18  11:05:08
Name: Goatman     From: Sweden
Hi Derek!
Try http://www.gemm.com
That´s where I found mine.


[247]  2001-11-17  19:50:54
Name: » Derek     From: Brazil/living in Miami
Big fan since i first got a tape of The Unexpected Guest back in 81,ONE of the alltime best recordings ever.The music,lyrics,voice,all a perfect match.I own the first 3 Classics and also Anthology,Best of;next on my list is Breakout and Taking the World by Storm.BUT ,can ANYONE help finding the ONE HELLUVA NIGHT on CD?
Keep on the GREAT JOB

[246]  2001-11-16  15:05:58
Name: » russel     From: Örebro
Website: » W.O.S
Take the train to Sala tomorrow and join us...

[245]  2001-11-16  07:36:50
Name: Christ (Painkiller Horde)     From: S T O C K H O L M, SWEDEN
Website: » Painkiller Horde
Demon has legions of Swedish fans and are signed on a Swedish label, but on your mini tour you miss STOCKHOLM, the capital of Sweden!? Gothenburg and Sala? That's way out there by the country side with all the cows and farmers! (Hohoho, evil!) Seriously, hope you come to Stockholm! I saw you last year at Sweden Rock Festival, it was great!

[244]  2001-11-15  23:47:02
Name: » bunt
Lifelong fan - would like a reply.Now would be OK

[243]  2001-11-15  23:28:54
Name: » Don Rowe     From: Talke Pits (Stoke)
To Dave Hill.
Found a few of your T-shirts in Jeffs car after we took you home. Dropped then off at Mikes Shop, Don't do Bar Cuba again....It's a shit hole..

[242]  2001-11-15  20:28:30
Name: » John     From: Margate
Welcome back to the band who I believe have it all. Metal, Music and Lyrics that stand the test of time. Listening to "Taking The World By Storm" on Vynil at the moment and its perfection. Any disbelievers out there and tyry "The Time Has Come".
As one who is entitled to get cheap fares from 'SAGA' Its the type of music that has no equal for sheer entertainment. Hope you get to do a gig in London sometime.
Best wishes to you all!

[241]  2001-11-15  11:34:19
Name: » Goblin
Website: » Metal Gods Web Radio - 80s only!
Demon fan since I first heard "Liar". You guys still rule. If you like NWOBHM please check out http://welcome.to/metalgods
Web Radio exclusively dedicated to NWOBHM, Euro and US Metal from the early 80s. Stop by the web site and sign the guestbook!

[240]  2001-11-15  11:15:28
Name: » "Uncle" Tom Dembelein     From: Germany
Hi Dave!
Great to have you all back and see you still kickin'!
I'm a loyal DEMON follower since the "Liar"-Single.
But I'm a little bit disappointet to have no lyrics for "Welcome to the real world" neither in the album nor on the Homepage.
Hope you can work that out soon. Greetings and God bless you all. Thank you for being.

[239]  2001-11-14  13:44:59
Name: » Michael Liljhammar     From: Sweden
Website: » Al Atkins - OFFICIAL Website
Hi all !

I very glad that one of my favourite band is together and touring again.

Hope to see you again at Sweden Rock Festival 2002 !



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