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[242]  2001-11-15  20:28:30
Name: » John     From: Margate
Welcome back to the band who I believe have it all. Metal, Music and Lyrics that stand the test of time. Listening to "Taking The World By Storm" on Vynil at the moment and its perfection. Any disbelievers out there and tyry "The Time Has Come".
As one who is entitled to get cheap fares from 'SAGA' Its the type of music that has no equal for sheer entertainment. Hope you get to do a gig in London sometime.
Best wishes to you all!

[241]  2001-11-15  11:34:19
Name: » Goblin
Website: » Metal Gods Web Radio - 80s only!
Demon fan since I first heard "Liar". You guys still rule. If you like NWOBHM please check out http://welcome.to/metalgods
Web Radio exclusively dedicated to NWOBHM, Euro and US Metal from the early 80s. Stop by the web site and sign the guestbook!

[240]  2001-11-15  11:15:28
Name: » "Uncle" Tom Dembelein     From: Germany
Hi Dave!
Great to have you all back and see you still kickin'!
I'm a loyal DEMON follower since the "Liar"-Single.
But I'm a little bit disappointet to have no lyrics for "Welcome to the real world" neither in the album nor on the Homepage.
Hope you can work that out soon. Greetings and God bless you all. Thank you for being.

[239]  2001-11-14  13:44:59
Name: » Michael Liljhammar     From: Sweden
Website: » Al Atkins - OFFICIAL Website
Hi all !

I very glad that one of my favourite band is together and touring again.

Hope to see you again at Sweden Rock Festival 2002 !



[238]  2001-11-14  10:38:28
Name: » Michelle, Moa, Frida, Fredrik     From: MELDRUM
Hi Guys!

Thanks for the message and definitely looking forward to playing together and hanging out, take care, travel safe!


[237]  2001-11-09  16:17:46
Name: » Rami"wild swan"Peltonen     From: Finland
You should visit Finland! Take
Magnum with you!!! I`ve been
Demon,Magnum and Blue Öyster
Cult fan since 1982. Keep up
the good work!

[236]  2001-11-07  20:20:50
Name: » Nicolas N. Sorokin     From: RUSSIA!!!!!!
Hello Friends!!! - happy to hear that you are on the road again, just listened to '...Monkey' - BEAUTIFUL! - and I have a question: WAS IT RELEASED ON LP? - and if yes, I want... well, for the first time 5 (five) copies for me and my friends who love DEMON like I do (to be honest a bit less 'cause it's impossible to love DEMON more than I do!). My favourite DEMON albums are HOLD ON TO THE DREAM and TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM.
Well, I wish you good luck & success & more and more monumental and monsterous albums in the vein of your last works of early 90s and early 2000s! Thanks for all that you have done and are doing, and I salute you the initiators of Prog Metal around the world!
Kindest regards,

[235]  2001-11-07  19:41:17
Name: » mark     From: Southampton
Guys, been a fan for years, but never got to see you. Best British band ever (sorry Maiden, priest etc!!) Please please try and get a gig somewhere south of London!!!
Don't break the circle.....

[234]  2001-11-07  13:22:38
Name: » Araceli     From: Brasil
I love this home page.
Up the metal!!!!

[233]  2001-11-05  15:07:04
Name: » Bruno     From: France
Website: » The Prog Radio
Since 1983 Demon it s my favorit band. I very happy to discover this site and the anothers products of Demon.

Thanks for your music.

Y a t il des Francais qui aiment et ecoute Demon depuis les annees 80. Je suis surpris je n'avais rien entendu depuis The Plague et je decouvre qu ils ont fait pleins d'autres choses depuis.

[232]  2001-11-05  14:45:36
Name: mertalman     From: sthlm
Är det någon som ska till Sala lördag den 17 nov. och se Demon....som bor i Sthlm...det vill säga ska du åka bil eller buss o dyl..??

Skriv i gästboken så kan vi kanske åka tillsammans...funderar starkt på att åka dit...

Forza Demon!!


[231]  2001-11-04  23:09:05
Name: Daniel     From: ITALY
Vi seguo dall' 81 e siete sempre una delle migliori band in circolazione!
Good job guys!


[230]  2001-11-04  09:52:56
Name: Tobbe     From: Stockholm, Sweden
I've seen the band twice at Sweden Rock Festival and I can't believe you're not playing Stockholm. For God's sake, Sala?????

[229]  2001-11-03  20:56:00
Name: evals     From: göteborg.sweden
great band,great metal i look forward to see you live here in sweden in november.cheers

[228]  2001-11-02  22:41:14
Name: Mats ( The mad axeman )     From: Sweden
To the best rockband in the world, I will just say. Keep on rocking.

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